Mom Created Movie Theatre At Home For Kids

A mother went ahead to put down the lockdown bounties in the right way by arranging movie shows for her kids. To make the experience look real, she had created tickets costing $5 for each show. They have to shell out extra for adding sweet delight. Opening up the opportunity to rack up pennies, she pays them for cleaning their rooms.


Are you missing the late-night shows with your loved ones? Well, you can win the moments back amid the lockdown period by getting your theatre home! One could imbibe the bits of the plan by taking inspiration from home theatre sessions that a mother started to keep her kids entertained.

The mother, like her other counterparts, was looking for something that could be feasible and keep the spirits of her kids up during the lockdown period.

While looking for the ways, she stumbled upon the idea of creating a home theatre. The night out moments took over her mind and set her on the trail of creating some of them at home.

The genius woman arranged the setup and looked for the maximum number of movies she could arrange during the show time. After working out the bits, she went for final touching. To make the things look close to real, she decided not to arrange the things for free. The woman set a ticket price with each ticket costing $5 for each show. Not just that, the add-ons like sweets, candies, etc. would cost extra to the kids.


After the price-setting, it was for the mother to open up some opportunities that could help kids earn enough to afford the movie shows. Making the best of the conditions, she went ahead to connect earning opportunity with the cleaning lessons.

She offered to pay kids for having them clean their room with no external help. Thus, by following her intelligent nerves, the mother ended up hitting two birds with the same arrow. She managed to fill her kids with movie thrill and made them learn some cleaning techniques; lowering the burden of her domestic chores.

Letting the world to enjoy the fruits of her creativity, she went ahead to put up her story on a Facebook group- “Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK”. The world went hysterical on seeing her plan working efficiently. Some parents turned up to shower praise on her move. One of them said, “Food prices way too cheap for a cinema. (Great idea kids would love this)”. Another said, “This is a brilliant idea”. Joining the applause spree, one said, “What a fab idea, I’m going to do this for my two”. Other soul said, “Good idea for kids to keep their rooms tidy”. One more commented, “Love this idea! I might pinch it”.

To her delight, the post managed to seal more than 3000 likes from the social media users.

Home theatre experience can thus soothe the anxious nerves of souls facing the wrath of corona virus outbreak around the world.