Mom Confessed To Daughter That She Married Her Dad For Money

An anonymous mother of a disappointed daughter took it to Reddit stating her situation of putting her relationship with her daughter in trouble. She revealed the fact of marrying her husband for money to her daughter which made her really upset. Thus, she went on asking people’s opinion on it.


Generally, kids are unaware of the reality of the relationship of their parents. They never see the complexities associated with their lives and conceptualize them as actual people. For the children, they were just mom and dad. With the passage of time, when they grow up, they begin to familiarize themselves with the reality of the world. Sometimes, the realizations turn out to be a shattering one.

One of the teenagers was startled by her mother’s confession about her marriage so much that it rocked her world. Moving on, the mom shared her tale on Reddit to ask if she was wrong for sharing the truth with her daughter. Firstly, she stated that she was a mother of a 17-year old daughter who was going through a crucial and complex phase of her teen hood. Unfortunately, she did not even pay heed to any of her mother’s advises. The mother shared on Reddit about how she used to have conversations on various topics with her daughter.

AITA for telling my daughter I didn’t marry her dad for love? from AmItheAsshole

Once they were having a conversation centered on relationships and during that she confessed to her daughter that she did not love her father when she got married. Not only this, she married him entirely for money. This was the first time when the mom admitted the truth to her. However, she had always assumed that her daughter might have been aware of this. Moving further, she added that there was an age gap of 25 years between the couple and they got married one year after knowing each other.

Consequently, her daughter became mad at her and even called her a prostitute. When her husband overheard their talk, he grounded her for two weeks. However, she talked him out of that and was still mad at her mother. Her husband told her that it was a wrong move by her at such a complex point of their daughter’s life. When she posted the matter on Reddit, the post garnered numerous comments. One of the users called her wrong for assuming that her daughter might know the truth just because she was aware of the age gap.

Another commenter wrote that no child would tolerate such kind of complex truth being told by their parents even if they knew the same. In addition, the user highlighted the fact that not all matters were meant to be revealed in front of children and her daughter was completely justified to get mad. A person explained the same point that any child would become upset on hearing this. Contrary to this, a user wrote that the mom was justified and must not be blamed as she was sharing her life experience to guide her daughter about relationships.

Also, the user stated that the users did not know the life story of OP and should not judge her if she followed a path to get herself and her children comfort in life. Additionally, a user said that it was not a big deal.