Mom Banned Father From Seeing 2-Year-Old After His Mean Comments

A woman took to the Reddit world to evaluate her move of distancing her two-year-old daughter from her ex-boyfriend (girl’s father). She used to make the girl meet her father. However, he breached the limit by passing weird comments on their daughter’s weight. Thus, the woman decided to bar him from talking to their daughter until he mended his ways.


Separated parents toil hard to hold together to build a happy world for their little nuggets. They try their best to prevent their differences from taking on their child. Ensuring a healthy environment around their little nuggets, they walk miles together. However, a woman saw the efforts crashing down with her ex-boyfriend taking a mean side for their daughter.

The woman had a two-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend. She won her full custody as the man was serving his term in jail. But she did her best to make her daughter get on with him. She used to take her along to visit him and bridged the gap between the two. With pandemic restrictions jettisoning the prevailing order of life, they had to switch to video calls to catch up with each other.

But the woman was not at peace with him. The man had been making perturbing comments about their daughter’s weight. She had been ignoring his comments for long and had asked him to mind his words. However, the subtle requests did not stifle him from passing the genial words on seeing his daughter. He would call the nugget ‘hefty’. Not just that, he also went ahead to ask the woman to put their kid on diet and make her shed some weight.

To her horror, the girl had started to grab her words. She once asked her the meaning of ‘hefty’. The woman toiled her to answer her query. She did not find her at odds as she was like her when she was six-year-old. Not just that, the doctor also did not find anything wrong with her weight.

Thus, seeing him having breached the limit, she decided to bar him from talking to his daughter until he held himself back.

However, he lashed out at her for separating him from his daughter. Relieving her emotions and checking her stance, she turned to the Reddit world for a review.

Shedding light on her scenario, she shared, “My ex keeps commenting on my daughter’s weight. He’ll tell me right in front of her that I need to put her on a diet or stop feeding her treats. He said she was looking ‘hefty’ the other day and when she asked me what that meant, I couldn’t figure out how to make it sound not awful”.

Adding to that, she shared, “I have repeatedly asked him to stop and he agrees, but then does it again, right in front of me. I told my ex that we aren’t doing any more video chats until he can learn to control himself”. The result is that he thinks his ex-wife is a bad parent and is alienating him as a parent because he was just trying to protect his daughter’s health.

To her relief, the social media users turned up in high spirits to support her decision.

One of them commented, “Your daughter is absorbing this stuff. It’s completely unnecessary for your ex to mention her weight all the time”.

Another said, “They need that fat for when or if they get sick, they’ve got extra fat to burn off in inevitable childhood illness”.