Mom Accused Of Acting Like Karen For Reporting Doctor For Ignoring Her Concerns

A mom has raised her concern about her child having social issues while going out with his friends. The teachers had also informed her about the same problem. However, even after admitting the situation to the doctor several times, it was yet not addressed properly.


Seeing kids in despair affects their parents the most. They would do whatever it takes to ensure proper care of their children. And when the fear is about the medical issue, then it’s better to seek a doctor’s advice. Moreover, we expect them to be supportive as well as helpful if there is actually an issue. However, the situation here is quite unfortunate and the mom was so devastated that she had to ask people on Reddit for some advice.

She wrote that her six-year-old son often had some behavioral problems, so she had a talk about it with the doctor. Also, this doctor is one of those people who think that they know everything and treat others as if they don’t know anything. “I won’t get into it all here but it’s not normal kid behavior. Spacing out completely for easily 10 minutes and not being able to get his attention AT ALL. Refusing to hang out with kids, ever. He just sits and watches them play by himself,” she added.

Apart from being exceptionally great in academics, the social aspects are the ones she’s most worried about. Her son hates loud noise, has anxiety, doesn’t talk much, and even gets scared so easily. His teachers had also asked the mother to get the issue examined by a professional. But it has been two years since she’d been trying to make the doctor understand the problem. He overlooks it every time, saying that it’s ultimately her fault as she had been too easy on him and never been strict, so it has now become a normal thing.

She added: “He basically says my parenting is lacking or I’m a helicopter mom. And that’s why he acts like this. He only sees my kid but once a year.” But the issue grew more when he had difficulties at his advanced science camp. A kid wanted to hang out with her son and suddenly, he started crying and no one could calm him down. When she tried to bring it up to the doctor again, he unwillingly agreed to give a referral for OT but not in the same clinic as he considers it to be a waste of time for his colleagues as well. He advised her to go to Belfast.

She finally reported him because she had been frustrated with the doctor’s ignorant behavior and now, people are asking for details of the appointment because the doctor didn’t even note anything in her son’s file. Even the mother’s friend blamed her only for ‘acting like a Karen’ because it will lead to that doctor losing his doctorate.

A person commented that her son might have ADHD or any similar issue. He added that doctors shall be supportive but, in this case, he’s making the situation even worse. Someone else wrote: “You deserve to be listened to at the very least. There seem to be too many doctors who brush off things like this until it’s too late. You are perfectly right doing all you can to support your child.” In the end, it is better to hope that the child gets the proper support for his misery.