Model Doesn’t Want To Date Men Who Split Bills On Dates

With the changing trends in the recent times it is a tough situation for everyone who face the awkward affair at the end of a first date. The dilemma every man faces, whether to pay the bill in full or to split the bill. This little gesture can ruin the whole date and this dilemma of guessing what the other person is expecting is a tough one. This model has expressed her opinion with an article on SHE SAID.


Peta Serras, an author and a model has made it very clear in her article that those men who split the bill on their first date won’t get a second one from her. She had a very conflicting ideology with many people who called her a gold digger or a princess but she defends herself by saying it’s not about the money but what the money signifies.

Peta said that splitting the bill on dates sets the precedent for a relationship, one where everything is straight down the middle. She felt that this meant they should keep monthly spreadsheets and document when they gave favors and how much they gave emotionally to ensure they even every month.

She shares her experiences with men who split bills at the end of their dates and calls them stingy. Referring to one of her dates she says, “And as it turned out with my demanding date, perhaps unsurprisingly, his money wasn’t the only thing he was stingy with. It was this relationship that made me value generosity and really see that some men use the excuse of splitting the bill to hide their stinginess.”

Having sparked this in Peta’s friendship group, she noted: “After all, if we want equal rights, we should be prepared to split the bill equally, right? I believe you can still consider yourself a feminist and accept a nice meal from someone. And conversely, you can also be a feminist and buy someone else a meal, too. It’s when someone uses that term as an excuse to be stingy with their funds that isn’t cool with me, as I feel it says a lot about that person’s character.”

She continued, “Let me be clear on this: if I ask a guy out and go to the effort of arranging the date, then I expect to foot the bill for the whole date.” Finishing her ideology she says she believes everyone needs to have standards in dating and relationships, not dating ‘stingy’ men who want to split bill is her rule.