MIL Doesn’t Remember Woman’s Name Even After 14 Years Of Marriage

Hopeless, infuriating and disheartening digs from your closed ones can prove to be as dangerous as getting in a boiling fight with them. But one mother had to get a ton of appreciation for staying cool even after receiving disappointing behavior from her mother in law repeatedly.


The mom mentioned that she had been married for 14 years and shamefully the mother-in-law doesn’t remember her name correctly. It’s been a long time and the mother was fine with it but recently she was shocked with something unacceptable. The mom was shaken to the bottom of her heart and was ready to end contact with her MIL after that incident. She took the matter on Reddit and mentioned that she is 42 years old and have two kids. For almost a decade, the mother lived minutes away from her MIL.

The matter of concern was that the MIL had a bad habit of not retaining OP’s name. The matter took a flight when the MIL was unable to try and think of the correct name when she was on the telephone with the OP’s better half on their anniversary. Adding to her misery, OP stated that once the MIL gave her husband’s first wife’s name to the airline. To date, the MIL didn’t put any effort into memorizing OP’s name until she started including her name in the text backs.


Only just, the family moved into their new house which was far away from the MIL’s home. The mother’s significant other’s family had never been supportive, yet the OP was resolved to keep things friendly with her MIL at whatever point they addressed her. Her husband normally doesn’t get his calls, so her MIL used to call the OP to address her child. The OP wrote that she was deprived of love from her own mother so she wanted to make sure that her husband shared a good relationship with his mother. Only the problem being the middleman was that she always got crushed in between.

The MIL was angry with her son but eventually ended up taking out her rage on the mother. The OP recalled that the matter was so serious that she was extremely rude to her and even asked about their finances. Moreover, the MIL had a habit of asking outrageous questions every now and then. For instance, she asked a completely strange question about the mother’s weight when she was pregnant. And now, the mother was done with her MIL. She mentioned that she decided of telling her straight away to clear her matters with her son directly. Also, she clearly told her husband that if she failed to treat her respectfully then she will cut contact with the MIL.

She asked the viewers if she was overreacting on the whole thing. To which many viewers replied in her favor. The audience was convinced that the solution of the problem lies with her husband. Taking notes from the comments, she updated her post by saying that her husband told his mother to stop texting me from now. He also mentioned to his mother that they were more than happy after resettling away from her. MIL said nothing and just sat listening to her son. However, Mil was never rude to her son. Yet the mother was happy to not have any contact with her MIL from that day onwards.