MIL Breaks News Of Son’s Secret Child To His Wife

A Reddit user shared her broken marital life teetering on the cusp of collapse. The couple had been married for five years. They were trying hard to conceive but in vain. Fraught with her mother-in-law’s insistence for a child, her patience breached the mark one day. The MIL reverted by revealing her husband having an eight-year-old child with his ex-girlfriend.


Conception problems have often ended up shattering marriages across the world. They don the dirty title of devasting souls mentally and emotionally. However, all hell breaks loose on the married souls when they lead to some shocking and unbearable revelations. A Reddit user lived one such devasting moment when her mother-in-law jettisoned a bit of her husband’s cruel reality before her.

The woman had been with the man of her life for seven years with five out of them making up their marriage. The couple, like their other counterparts, wanted to have a happy family. They longed to cement their relationship with their kids. Thus, they tried to conceive but in vain. Their efforts resulted in many stillbirths and miscarriages. After carrying out their efforts for years, they ended up accepting their infertile status.

I (27F) recently found out my husband (38M) has a child, thanks to my wonderful MIL from relationship_advice

The clouds of agony were looming larger over their lives. The level of depression was soaring up with their family members deliberating it again and again. Her mother-in-law was living with them. She would get back with her insistence for a child, unaware of their fertility status. The woman tried to handle the situation calmly but to lose it all one day. Fraught with her mother-in-law’s regular queries, she burst up informing her that she would not be having one anytime soon.

Broken to hear it from her, the mother-in-law decided to reply with thunder. She ended up revealing that her husband had an eight-year-old child with his ex-girlfriend. The shocking revelation wreaked havoc on their marital life. The woman broke down emotionally on hearing about her husband’s secret child that had been under the cover for eight years.

Trying to cope up with the cruel reality, she turned to the Reddit world for some bits of advice.

Sharing the breaking point of her story, she said, “I finally snapped and told her that she would not be getting one any time soon. She bought it up again, and then proceeded to say to my husband, ‘Well, ex girlfriends name gave you baby M, didn’t she? Maybe she would surrogate for you?”

Concluding her post and signaling her deteriorating situation, she shared, “I’ve asked for as much space as possible, but I don’t know what to do”.

Taking stock of the heart-wrenching matter, one of the social media users, said, “Advice? Leave him, now. How can you stay with someone who lied to you for years, and apparently abandoned his child?”

Another commented, “Yikes. Seven years into a relationship, and you find out he has an 8-year-old?” another commenter wrote. “That’s a pretty gnarly secret for him to hold onto”.

One jumped in to comment, “Man, your MIL did you a favor. I’d really like to know more why he’s not in the child’s life. Like what else is he hiding? That’s a massive red flag”

But then, the woman turned up with another side of the story. She shared that her husband knew that his girlfriend had been pregnant. But as per her husband, “it was never confirmed if baby was his”.

Thus, there dropped in a ray of hope for the woman.