Man Upset After Girlfriend Asks Him To Remove The Tattoo Of His Son’s Name

A 26-year-old man having a feud with his girlfriend, took to Reddit to ask users whether his girlfriend was being unreasonable by asking him to remove the tattoo of his dead son. The man explained that when he was 18, he lost his son. Some days later he got his name tattooed on his chest along with his birthdate.


As the tattoo was on his chest, and he hadn’t exposed the body part to his girlfriend, she was unaware and when she eventually did, he told her the meaning behind it. Now she confessed that it had been bothering her for a while and she didn’t talk about it as she thought she’d get over it. Why it is difficult for her is because, his son’s name is the same as her ex’s name. Her ex gave her a hard time she went through a lot to get him out of her life permanently.

Seeing him with his name on his chest is a constant reminder for her. He wrote: “His girlfriend says she knows it’s his son’s name and all but times when we’re at the beach and I’m shirtless or we’re showering together or about to get into it, she sees my tattoo and her mind goes to him”.

The man claims that he doesn’t want it to be removed. It has significance in his life because he’s not a part of his life in any other way.

“She claims that he should be considerate as she openly told her about feelings, and he is being unreasonable for not wanting to give her this comfort at least but idk what I could do. His son’s name happened to be her exes too. We can’t change that and still like to keep my boy’s name. “He asked users whether amongst the two is being unreasonable. And whether he should go ahead with removing the tattoo.

Whilst the majority of people agreed that she has no control over his body, others said they could understand how hard it must be for her to see the name all the time. One person stepping in both the shoes claimed that: “That really sucks for your girlfriend, but she doesn’t have jurisdiction of your body and your trauma and pain are just as valid as hers.”

Another said: “She needs to find forgiveness in herself in order to be free. “It wasn’t the name that hurt her; it was the guy, and if she can’t make that connection, the relationship could be over.” Whilst a third said: “I went through something similar and had to overcome it. I sometimes gag, but you aren’t living life if you want to live in the past.”

This is how the man put his story in front of his Reddit family and asked users of their opinion.