Man Shattered After Soon-To-Be Wife Sells His Late Fiancée’s Engagement Ring

Losing a loved one can be devastating and it can break us when we imagined spending our whole life with them. For one man, this heartbreaking moment came when his fiancée passed away just a few months before their wedding. But he picked himself up, fell in love again, and just when things were looking better, his soon-to-be-wife sold the precious stuff from the previous relationship that he had treasured as a memory.


It had been four years since this man saw his love taking her last breath. After years of grieving, he finally found himself in a brighter place.

He found love again and popped the big question to her. It all felt amazing until this woman tried to remove every last memory of his deceased fiancé from their life.

“I (33M) lost my late fiancee to a severe infection (sepsis) in 2016. I proposed to her when she was sick and we were planning getting married 4 months after proposal, but she passed away and it was unexpected because her health was getting better,” he wrote on Reddit.

“After being on life support for 10 hours, she died on 3.7.16 at 1PM, and was put to rest with her funeral on a Saturday.”

He even explained that it was a tough phase of his life and it took him a while to push him towards light again. “This was so hard for me to deal with, and I had a hard time coping, the pain was unbearable there was literally no place to just hide and forget about what happened, it’s been 4 years, I’m moving on now,” he expressed.

“My (then girlfriend) now fiancee of two months (we’ve been together for 16 months) came around and we started dating then I decided to take a step forward and proposed to her, she moved in with me after I rented an apartment and changed my job.”

Although this man had given most of his late lover’s belongings and other things back to her family, he still had a few items including the rings and a few pictures. He revealed, “My fiancee noticed the rings and said that I was weird for still keeping engagement rings.”

“I don’t know why she’d think that, it’s not like I wear my past engagement ring on my finger or anything, but she seemed uncomfortable that I was keeping them as mementos. I been struggling with money lately and she brought up selling those rings couple of times but I just told her I’d work something out since she’d get sensitive if I told her they’re so important to me, she’d react to that.”

Not long ago, this man noticed that those rings he had kept as a memory of his late love were nowhere to be found. He confronted his fiancée about it and she admitted that she sold them on Facebook to deal with their financial troubles.

He added, “I lost it, I told her she had no right to take personal stuff and sell them online for her convenience and thinking she was helping, she lashed out saying that she didn’t expect me to blow up like that and tried to justify her behavior by saying that I clearly still have feelings for my Late fiancee, and asked why would I still keep my late fiancee’s engagement ring when I already have a fiancée.

They had an argument where both of them put forward their points but he knew in his heart that nothing can justify what she did.

People on Reddit warned up and asked him to “file a police report, even if it means getting her arrested”.