Man Refused To Be Twin’s Best Man Since The Bride Was His Ex

Twin's brother was furious when he got to know that his brother was marrying his ex and wanted him to be his best man. He was shocked by the fact that his brother asked him to be the best man even after knowing that the to-be bride was his girlfriend once. He rejected the opportunity and shared the story on the internet.


The debate between the brothers started when the groom asked his twin brother to be his best man for the wedding. Apparently, the man, who did not want to be recognized, and the to-be-bride was in a relationship for two years when both of them were at the age of 16. However, after completing school, both of them got separated as they had different goals.

The man wanted to go out of the station for further studies and the girl wanted to continue in her hometown. Both of them took a mutual decision to get separated and lead their own lives. When he came back from the university, he got to know that his twin brother was dating someone and he was enormously happy. Nonetheless, the shock came later.

The man didn’t know how to react when he came across the fact that his twin brother was dating none other than his ex. It was against the “bro code” to date the brother’s ex-girlfriend. This incident led to an argument between brothers. Later the brother decided to make peace among themselves and they came to a solution.

The twin decided that the brother dating the man’s ex would not force him to be a part of any event having his girlfriend. When the brother showed that he was not willing to break up with her, it seemed a very viable option that the three of them would never attend any event together nor the brother would mention anything about his girlfriend in front of the man.

But the recent event changed everything. It was a big “NO” from the man’s side when his twin asked him to be his best man. He was of the view that the previous agreement was clear about attending any event with the ex. Being the best man in the ex’s wedding was just not comfortable for the man. His family did his bit to convince him for the night as it was a matter of one day only. However, it was not the option for the man as he was quite stubborn on his point.

There were mixed comments on the internet regarding the issue. Some of them were shocked by the fact that the twin brother was dating his sibling’s ex. They praised the brothers for coming up with a rational solution. They thought that both of them should stand by what had been decided previously. It was very inconsiderate of the twin brother to ask the man about being the best man.

However, there were some people who had a different view. They were being a little rational and advised the man to get over the issue. They were of the opinion that it will be very odd for him and for the family if he would keep on avoiding his sister-in-law just because they were in a relationship when they were kids. It was high time to move on and be a part of his brother’s happiness.