Man Proposes His Girlfriend In A Unique Way With A Poundland Ring, His Place Of Proposal Was Equally Thoughtful

Every wedding proposal carries a story, it can be sweet, emotional and sometimes funny too! It all begins by planning for that perfect moment, picking the right place and the right time. Then comes the choice of the ring which in this case was a Poundland ring given by Barry Fricker to his girlfriend and the effect of this story is for you to decide!


Lizzie Bennetti had a unique proposal and when we say unique, you should believe that is was nothing like the ones you have seen or heard before. From the place of the proposal to the ring, each aspect was made special by Barry, her boyfriend (now fiancé, of course!).

Lizzie’s happiness knew no bounds when Barry gave her the ring as she was more concerned about the thought behind it rather than the price of the ring. She believed that no other ring would have been more appropriate than this one as £1 Poundland plastic ring, which happened to be the last at the store with a blue topaz stone which was her birthstone and everything just made sense.

She will always keep it with her and cherish it forever. Being a plastic ring, it cannot be used on a regular basis as it might lose its shine and she didn’t want that to happen in any case. It was one of those things for her that we keep aside for wearing on occasions that are special to us.

The ring was not the only thing that made this proposal extraordinary! The place where this happened was very thoughtful as both Lizzie and Barry wanted to overcome their fear of heights and The Shard seemed to be the best place to Barry for asking her to marry him.

Everything was set, the Poundland ring, climbing up the skyscraper for the big question!

Lizzie’s friend, Sarah talked her into reaching the 72nd floor of The Shard by telling her it was a birthday celebration for her daughter, Kayley.

On arriving at the destination, Sarah brought her away from the crowd to a special place. A wall decorated with roses could be seen by Lizzie, and Barry was right there on his knees, ready to pop the question. It was the most beautiful view ever. However, this was just the beginning of the wonderful moments for them!

Lizzie Bennetti

Lizzie could not believe what was happening and in the next moment, she was engaged to Barry with everyone congratulating them with loud cheers. A delightful moment – that’s what it was for the couple! As Lizzie describes it, “It was magical, just perfect.”

The Poundland ring might have taken a lot of attention in this proposal, but we are here to clear some doubts revolving around the ring. Barry did propose to her with £1 ring, however, a £5,000 diamond solitaire band graced Lizzie’s fingers after a while. Barry had planned every bit of this!

A happily ever after doesn’t always have to begin with luxuries, it can start with the least and memories made on the way can make it worth everything!