Man Leaves Chores On Partner Who Has 2 Jobs And Is Doing PhD

Generally, the workload in a relationship should be equal but an anonymous 36-year-old man shared his story on Reddit where he refused to contribute towards household chores as he was too busy with his classes.


He admitted that though his girlfriend was pursuing her Ph.D. and also working as a part-time research assistant along with working on one more project and didn’t get much time, he felt that he was equally exhausted at the end of the day to do household work.

As his girlfriend expected him to help with household work but he said out loud that he didn’t have time after working part-time from day to noon and post that, he had to attend community college work till 4 pm.

Reflecting on the situation, he felt that as his girlfriend carried out her work from home, she had extra time to do housework and she shouldn’t be requesting him for help every time.

He shared his side of the story on Reddit where he explained that as he had worked in the army in the past so there was no point anyone should consider him lazy. Lately, he started community college to pursue engineering. He revealed that he was working at a place that required physical manpower and after completing his work chores he had two classes to attend until evening.

As he watched the recorded videos of the class it took him longer to contemplate and make notes and the rest of his time went doing homework.


He expressed that engineering classes took effort and he was dead tired at the end of the day dealing with complex concepts like calculus and therefore he had zero energy left to cook and clean the flat.

He added that his girlfriend felt at fault for putting all the efforts to make the flat feel like home and being the only one who’s thinking about building the relationship. He had insisted that she shouldn’t be focusing on what he had to eat, and he felt that he could handle his meals without her help and she should often focus on herself.

The lad said, “I feel like her workload isn’t as exhausting as mine, and it’s fair that I focus much on my degree as I’m behind due to my age. Meanwhile, she was already into her career and pursuing a Ph.D. when she already has a well-paying job.”

The post went viral and thousands of people responded to it. One of the snapshots of Reddit’s post also went viral on Twitter, fetching a lot of comments.

A person doubted that the man ever went to the military as all he was doing was ranting about his workload. Another had a viewpoint that the man was behaving like kids and isn’t prepared for a mature relationship.

A commenter wrote, “They must be having a huge flat because otherwise, I don’t know where he’s keeping all that audacity.”

Someone added that his girlfriend’s job was equally time-taking as him and on humanitarian grounds, he should be helping her out to cook and clean. The person said that a man should have self-discipline and own up his work.