Man Ignored His Bride During The Wedding Reception, She Locks Him Out On Wedding Night

A dream wedding for a couple may include a list of things they wish to have for their big day but one thing that counts the most on that day is having the love of your life by your side to share every little moment. However, when that doesn’t happen, one has to endure the consequences. This bride narrated the events of her wedding day when her husband was only spotted with his mom on the big day!


Having a mother-in-law who is not really your biggest fan can be a tricky part to deal with during the wedding. The brides would agree with us here!

One bride reveals the extended part of this situation as she experienced it on her wedding day. She might have handled the situation with her mother-in-law but it turned into a complication when her husband abandoned her to-be-wife for her mother.

She wrote, “We were high school sweethearts and met at 14. We dated for 6 years before getting married and it was clear that he’s always been extremely close with his mother. She’s always been trying to convince him that we shouldn’t be together. Even when we were teens she was trying to break up.”

The young couple never let all of this come in the way of their love that blossomed with time. When they finally decided to tie the knot, the love birds had a unique way of celebrating. “The entire reception was more like a party, it wasn’t a traditional ‘walk down the aisle’ wedding but our most important family and friends were in attendance,” the bride explained.

Of course, they wanted people to feel free and keep it casual but the groom took this idea way too seriously. He ignored his bride to be with his mom during the entire wedding reception.

She added, “The entire night, my soon to be husband sat at a table with his mom. I let it go because I didn’t want to have a fight at our wedding. We still did traditional things like sharing vows, taking pictures, cutting the cake, etc. But besides those moments it was like I barely saw him.”

This bride shared that her MIL had quite a few people to give her company including the groom’s father, brother, aunts, and cousins. “I spent my wedding at a table with my best friend and my 14-year-old brother-in-law,” this woman revealed.

She added, “I felt just done with the whole day, went into our room and locked the door. I was so mad I eventually ended up falling asleep, and he slept on the couch on our wedding night. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I just wanted some space for a bit.”

No one ever imagines their wedding night to go down this way. So, this bride had many thoughts and wanted to ask the people on the platform if what she did was way out of line.
“We’ve been fighting on and off since and his mother has called me a bridezilla more than once so im starting to doubt myself,” the bride shared.

While many took her side, others expressed their concern about being married at such a young age.

“[A]nnulment. He’s already married to his mother,” one wrote. “110% Get out of this relationship. Speaking from experience, this doesn’t get better. And he won’t change,” another person advised.

Someone wrote in agreement, “Well the guy is still 20 so I think he has room to change. But agree with the advice that he is too immature to be married.”

It can be a tough space to be in when everything around feels so new to adjust to. But we hope this couple had better days after that one rough night!