Man Found His Dog At A Kennel Five Years After “It Ran Away”

A man used Reddit as a platform to express his anger and to ask people for their opinions on what he had just found out. Five years after his wife had told him that their dog ran away, he had recently discovered that she had taken the dog to a kennel.


He told the people that he already had the dog when he and his wife got married. He wrote how he “loved” it and how it had been his “buddy” even before his wife came into his life. He said that the problem actually started when his wife got pregnant. She became overly insecure that this dog of theirs would be dangerous for the baby. She was fearful of the dog because it belonged to an “aggressive breed.”

During the initial stage of her pregnancy, his wife might have suggested him to rehouse the dog. The man turned down her idea. He believed that their dog was a very well-trained pet. When he completely refused to her idea of sending the pet away, he might have thought that the issue was resolved. But one day, he received a call from her. She was weeping as she called to tell him that their dog had run away. He was convinced that whatever his wife said was ought to be true.

When even after weeks of searching, he couldn’t find the pet, he decided to divert his attention to a more serious event in his life. He, therefore, started focusing on welcoming their baby into the world. He further added that in the past five years they’ve had three kids. He wants to get a new dog but taking care of the three children is quite a task in his life currently. On top of it, whenever he talks to his wife about getting a new dog, she always comes up with an excuse.

He went on writing how he had just found out that five years ago his wife and her father had taken the dog to a kennel. He was at work when they took the pet to the pound and left it there. Her parents believed that the dog was “dangerous” and that is why they assisted her in dropping it off. While expressing his feelings, he said that he was furious because the dog was his baby and that it wasn’t dangerous at all. He’s currently so angry that he might’ve even considered divorcing her, but the only thing that’s stopping him is his kids.

He told her that getting a new dog is the only way to make up for it. But she doesn’t want a dog and if they get one, she doesn’t want to do much with it. When he asked people for their advice, they consented that he should divorce her. People wrote how she doesn’t deserve him because she saw him in pain but still chose to keep mum. Another person wrote that she disrespected him as a parent because she decided that she knew better for the child than him. Others called her “cruel” and a “psychopath.” People told him not to get another dog as she might do the same to it.