Maid of Honor Can’t Bring Husband Because He’s ‘Too Short’

A bride had asked her friend to be the maid of honor. And being so occupied with the thought of her dream day, she wanted her friend to not attend the wedding with her husband as he’s too short.


Being a bride and trying to make the wedding the most special day of life, it’s indeed going to be difficult for any woman. They do have several demands that need to be fulfilled by their beloved ones. Well, they can ask for anything; from a strict dress code, the haircut rules to asking someone to be fit as well. However, there’s no clue about handling the situation when someone’s asked not to bring her husband to the wedding just because he’s short. The woman has shared her incident in the AITA forum on Reddit.

The OP’s friend has decided to get married in October but she didn’t know her date yet. And now, when everything has been planned, she urged OP to not come with her husband. She played dumb initially but then told that she’s bothered about OP’s husband’s height. The OP was livid and admitted that she won’t be coming to the wedding without her husband.

She wrote: “He has around 165 cm (5 feet 4.961 inches) while I have 166cm (5 feet 5.354 inches). I think the difference is not that big and I offered I wouldn’t wear heels but she said I must wear them because I am the maid of honor and bridesmaids will wear heels as well.”

Now, this friend had replied saying that the OP needs to respect her wishes as it’s her wedding. And being the maid of honor, she feels like she shouldn’t be doing this to her friend. “I told her she is being shallow and that it is either me and my husband or none of us,” she added. The husband supported the OP to go without him but she’s still unsure if he isn’t ready to go just because of her friend’s behavior.

Upon later discussing it with the bride-to-be, the OP is accused of being the wrong person here because it’s just one day and she shouldn’t be creating such nuisance. People who read the story were also infuriated by the bride’s demand. A person commented that the bride is showing no respect to the OP and asked her to not attend the wedding and even end her friendship. Someone else wrote: “I would completely ditch this person as a friend.”

The OP’s husband was actually hurt but told that her friend might be in a stressful situation which made her think so. But he’s also not surprised at one such demand of hers. The couple gave her one chance to apologize for what she had asked, as she might be stressed at that moment. “She has time till tomorrow then we are closing it and we are not coming and I think it is also the end of the friendship then,” added the OP.

Finally, she gave the update that her forgiveness was of no use and she received a very rude reply from the other side. The OP tried to be polite but her friend couldn’t have the same decency. So, it seemed better to end the relationship and not attend the wedding, which is what the couple has finally come up to.