Life Of Woman Who Will Be Mother To 8 Kids Before Turning 28

Chloe Dunstan, a 27-year-old woman, who is currently a mother to 6 beautiful children will be welcoming twins with her husband soon. She is a brave mother who handles a large family as well as extra work. She reveals her feelings about having a big family and what her other kids feel about it.


Chloe Dunstan and her husband Rohan are really exhilarated as they would be welcoming their seventh and eighth child later this year. She is pregnant with twins and would be delivering in November. Chloe is a mother to six kids who are very supportive of her. They are really excited to get two more siblings in the Dunstan family.

Chloe had three children with Rohan when she was 22 years old. Her first child Evan is now eight-years-old. Her second child Otto is seven and her third child Felix is now six. She then gave birth to a set of triplets almost a year later. Chloe and Rohan named their children Rufus, Hank (real name Henry) and Pearl. They are almost five now. Chloe is twenty-seven currently and is all set with her family to increase their ménage.

Everyone in the family is really happy to welcome twins into the family. Chloe approached each and every child to record their reaction on getting news of twin siblings. When she first came to know about her pregnancy, she straight went to her children to inform them about it. She filmed them and put the videos on her YouTube channel, Chloe and Beans. Her kids were happy as well as excited.

The reactions by her kids were beautiful. Her younger kids were confused and amused. They asked if it was a “food baby” in her tummy. The other older kids were contented with joy to hear the news of twin siblings. She was very delighted and satisfied to know that her kids are so accepting about welcoming their younger ones. She is really happy to increase her family with twin babies.

Chloe’s life is quite busy with kids and work. Chloe and Rohan are owners of a toy business from home. They even home school their children by themselves. She loves having family time with them. The kids do their school work, study by themselves and spend rest of time doing various activities. They have great family values and believe in togetherness. They play together, do various science and art projects and enjoy quality time with each other.

Chloe’s life is pretty hectic but she manages them pretty well. She describes her normal day looks like waking up and dressing her kids up for school work and doing her work which lasts till around 4:30. After that she keeps her kids busy in various activities while she prepares dinner and does other chores. Before sleeping she makes her kids bath and enjoy fun time with their siblings. Before tucking them to bed, she recites them a story. She believes that her life maybe a mess sometimes but it is a beautiful one with her kids and husband.