Husband’s Blunder With Suitcase Exposes All His Double Life

With several years of a great marriage, Karen had been assuming to have a happy life for the future as well. Little did she know that a single trace left due to her husband's suitcase would open up an unfortunate arcane, that she never expected.


For the last five years, Karen and her husband were having a happy married life. She always anticipated that her life couldn’t be better than this until her husband’s blunder give birth to an unprecedented issue. Before the marriage, she was aware of the fact that Mark, her husband, has to travel a lot due to his work.

Since the birth of their twin kids, Mark usually spent most of his time at home with his family in Perth. As soon as he got a little older, he got himself a new job. Mark admitted that he would need to travel a lot more than earlier. Soon, his truths came up to the surface when he came exhausted and went to bed immediately while Karen had to stay up to finish some of her works.

She saw that Mark had left his suitcase without unpacking it. So, Karen decided to do it herself and put all the clothes in the washing machine, if they needed cleaning. Meanwhile, she came across a photo of an unknown woman in her mid-30s and an 18-month-old child. At first, she assumed her husband might have picked up the wrong suitcase. After a while, she was heartbroken when all the other belongings proved that it was his very belonging.

She lay on her sofa and waited until her twins went to school, after which she inquired her husband about the picture to know why it was present inside his bag. She informed that he kept looking at her for a while without saying anything and then, in a poignant manner, said he felt sorry and knew that she would find it out one day. He was afraid of this possible situation.

He admitted that he had an affair with the woman in the picture. She fell pregnant, and now they have a son. Karen added: “I couldn’t stop crying, I said things like, ‘How could you do this to me and the girls?’ He told me he never stopped loving me, and he just got himself in a situation he couldn’t get himself out of.” Soon after this destruction, she got to know about a new one as well. Mark’s second family didn’t live in any of the countries that he visited on his trips, but just three miles away from their residence.

So, it was conspicuous that Mark wasn’t traveling overseas, but stayed all this while with his second wife. She could notice it well with the letters having her husband’s name, but a local address different from the original one. She couldn’t handle it more, and so, she kicked him out, following by getting a divorce. Karen was aware that he would go to live with his second family.

Besides, Mark informed that another family knew about Karen and the twins, but thinks they do not know that she lived so close to their abode.