Husband Feels Betrayed After Learning Wife’s ‘Surprise Pregnancy’ Was A Plan

There are times when a relationship seems to be slipping out of the hands. No matter what you do, the condition looks nothing to write home about. However, the worst of all ways can be having a baby just to have the lovable person around you.


A man on Reddit has explained his story where his wife, who once confessed her pregnancy, wasn’t so elated with the surprise. It was all a charade in order to make the OP stay with her. And now the man feels like he had been betrayed all this while. They both started dating in 2015 and it continued for the next 3 years. Then the situation took a turn and everything appeared to be falling apart. When it didn’t work out, they both got their ways separated.

Just after a month, the woman shared the news that she was pregnant. In the beginning, it all felt like an accidental pregnancy but turned out to be otherwise in the end. Eventually, their son was born in September 2018. They decided to get married and were having a prosperous life until his wife finally confessed.

The OP always dreamt to be a dad but never saw his wife’s vision to be a better parent. This was probably one of the reasons that made him think that it wasn’t working anymore. He himself came from a big family and considered to have a second child. However, the thought wasn’t much welcomed by his wife. She finally admitted that she had planned her pregnancy with their son just to keep him around. She thought keeping the child would bring this man closer.

This meant that she didn’t actually love their son. “On one hand I feel like, well, everyone got what they wanted so it’s fine, right? But at the same time, I feel like I’ve been lied to for years AND the fact that my wife admitted to not enjoying our son is weighing on my heart,” the OP said.

He asked everyone on Reddit if he was right to feel this way and what they’d have done if it happened to them. Also, the consternation had given him such stress that he wanted to get back to his old life. People too supported him telling that using a kid just to make someone be around them is one of the worst things that can happen.

Someone also informed that the same had happened with them, whereas another person suggested looking for some evidence to get full custody of the child. However, some people supported the woman too, considering she might have her own conditions. Now, it is left to the OP to come up with a certain conclusion.

“The hardest part is just the heaviness of knowing that she just sees him as the means to have gotten something she wanted and doesn’t share this bond and love,” he adds.