Husband Embarrasses Wife By Changing Baby’s Diaper At A Table In A Restaurant

When your little ones dirty their diapers, you might zoom in into your mommy mode to get them out of it and change them into a new one as soon as possible. While you don’t really need to worry about changing diapers at home, there are places that may not be appropriate for doing the same.


Even the thought of a diaper being changed around you while you’re eating sounds disgusting enough to make you want to puke. However, a woman’s husband didn’t realize this when he decided to change his niece’s dirty diaper at the dinner table. The couple has been married for 14 months and in this time the woman has learned how her husband adores his 1 year old niece.

In her post on Reddit, the woman wrote how her husband babysits his niece whenever he has nothing else to do and that they haven’t been to a dinner in a long time. She therefore asked him if they could go out to dinner, just the two of them. She mentioned in her post that since she couldn’t take her day off, she left work early to meet him directly at the restaurant for the date. Little did she expect him to bring his niece to their dinner date. He told her that since his sister had to work, she needed him to watch her baby.

As they looked around, the woman noticed that the restaurant wasn’t child-friendly and that they were already receiving looks from the staff. As soon as the couple started to place their order, the baby started to cry out loudly. The husband kept asking the waitress for things that weren’t on the menu for his niece. The woman mentioned how she couldn’t take the looks of the other people at the restaurant who weren’t able to enjoy their dinner because of all the noise that the baby was making which was topped by her husband singing “You’re Welcome” while swinging her.

AITA For leaving in an Uber after what my husband did at the restaurant? from AmItheAsshole

The woman went to the restroom and as she returned, she saw her husband loudly arguing with someone. As she went closer, she saw that he was changing his niece’s diaper on the table while the waitress was arguing with him over it. When the manager came to the scene, her husband told him that he only needed a minute to change it. The couple was immediately asked to leave the restaurant.

As they were out, the woman couldn’t keep her calm anymore and she told her husband that he should’ve informed her about bringing his niece along so that she could’ve chosen a different restaurant. She also added that he had embarrassed her and ruined their dinner. To her shock, he started to argue, giving her 0/10 for her reaction and blaming her for choosing a bad restaurant. She decided to take an Uber and go home, while her husband took the baby to his sister’s house. He called her and told her that she shouldn’t have made him feel bad for wanting to help.

Some people agreed that changing a diaper at a restaurant is totally unacceptable. One person commented that the husband should’ve told her about his niece so that she could’ve chosen a different restaurant. Another one wrote that it was a gross thing to do. A third one commented that it was sweet to see how much the husband loved his niece but that there’s a time and a place for things.

Some people commented, defending the husband and blaming the woman for not getting them out of the restaurant sooner. A person wrote that they should’ve left that restaurant as soon as she had seen the baby. Another one person wrote that if she knew that the restaurant didn’t welcome babies, they should’ve left right away.