Husband Betrayed Grieving Mom By Letting Grandma Take Son’s Ashes

We all have our ways to keep memorabilia of the lost ones. Especially, it’s tougher than anything when someone’s child dies. Parents tend to comfort themselves with one of their belongings. A woman had her son ashes as a source of remembrance but her own husband betrayed her while she was out with her family.


The mom (OP) shared her son, Tom’s story on Reddit who died at the age of 6 due to his serious heart condition. His miseries grew to an extent that he couldn’t even have the life that kids usually do. “He was such an angel, and he loved food so much, I tried to feed him as much as I could because he was so thin and didn’t have enough energy to run around and play because of his condition,” she explained.

Though her in-laws visited the hospital regularly to see her son, they never seemed to be a helping hand. Neither they stayed there for a while, nor did they allow their kids to be around Tom. And when he passed away, they didn’t show some support to the parents.

The mom further explained that her in-laws also wanted to take all of her son’s belongings with her mother-in-law insisting her to have a burial service. However, she chose to keep her son’s ashes in an urn after cremation in her bedroom. And something more unusual began to happen.

AITA For refusing a necklace with my son’s ashes after my husband let his mother take the urn? from AmItheAsshole

Her mother-in-law, who never showed up when Tom was alive, started showing her presence more often. The mom added: “She started talking about making ashes pendants for me, my husband and her family as a way to carry Tom’s memory with us and keep him close wherever we go, she told me that my brother in law loved Tom so much and wanted a pendant made for him as well.”

She clearly mentioned that this wasn’t going to happen because all her family members had their child with them and she was the one who lost hers. But this soon started a big argument about how her MIL as well as others loved Tom so much. Later, she was upset with the response and took it personally.

After a while, the mom was invited to a road trip by her family to get some relief from the pain. On her return, she noticed that her son’s urn was missing. Then her husband showed her a necklace that had her son’s ashes. He explained that his mom had made necklaces for others as well in the memory of her beloved son.

She yelled at him because nobody except her had the right to keep his remembrance. The mom went back to her family and didn’t accept the necklace. She called her MIL and rebuked her for the thing she did. Despite several attempts of apology from her husband, she couldn’t believe that her husband had betrayed her.

In the end, she asked the Redditors if she was wrong not to accept the necklace. People showed their immense support and told her that this shouldn’t have happened. Also, her husband’s the one who allowed it to go this way. Some of them commented that it was necessary to stand up against her family because they had no right to do so.