Groom Pulled A Hilarious Prank On The Bride Just Before The Vows

Wedding ceremonies are filled with joys, laughter, music, dance, and drinks. On the wedding day, the bride and groom expect gifts but what is beyond one’s imagination is a prank. And the prank can become more hilarious if it is pulled by the bride or groom itself. This groom shocks the bride by pulling a hilarious prank on her.


While the couple was exchanging vows, the groom pulled a prank on his bride by leaving her during their wedding vows to go into huddle with his groomsmen.

A video went viral online that shows the moment he is asked if he will take his partner’s hand in marriage, he shocks everyone by saying “hang on.”

After this, he walks over his groomsmen who go into a choreographed huddle, and they pretend to discuss the decision before looking at the bride in unison and going back to their discussion. He then returns to his bride’s hand to say “I do” leaving all the wedding guests to burst in laughter.

Later someone shared it on Reddit with the question- “Ladies- at your wedding would this qualify as an acceptable joke or a reasonable cause for beheading.”

One of the users commented, “Look, if she’s gotten as far as marrying him then she should know him well enough to judge what he’s up to.”

Another one said that if they are not on the same page about such things then they have got bigger problems than the groom’s sense of humor and timing.

Some other users pointed out that it is evident from the guest’s reaction that this is how the groom is and that he is a good guy and there is no need to get their garter in a twist.

Another user said if she was at the bride’s place, she would be rolling on the floor laughing. According to her, maybe it was too close to that joke where the groom is depicted as unwilling but if the prank was original enough, she would find it hilarious.

While most of the people found it hilarious, there were some users argued that they would hate it. They would cry right then and there. In their words, “It does almost cross into those, ‘I don’t want to get married’ jokes that are too tacky to be funny, but she seemed to be okay with it so it’s on thin ice imo.”

Another critic wrote that she would not appreciate this type of humor and she would not find it funny if her future husband would pretend to have to think about whether or not he would actually like to marry her as they are standing there about to tie the knot. She found it quite tacky and odd.
Some other person wrote that if the bide found it funny that is great for the couple but if she would have been at her place it would have slightly ruined the ceremony for her.