Groom Kicked Sister Out Of Wedding For Ignoring Important Rule

A wedding is one such occasion where the bride and groom have been deemed to be the center of attraction. Whatever they say, whatever they want is done as per their needs. And if that includes bringing along no kids, that must be done too, instead of being expelled out of the wedding later by the groom himself for not obeying the rules.


The bride and groom had pretty much made clear about their wedding rule which barred children from the wedding list. And clearly, it was a debatable one because such a rule couldn’t be fulfilled by everyone. Ironically the groom’s sisters were the first ones among all, to disobey the wedding rule. And for this, they were forced to leave the wedding at that very moment. Everyone except the groom’s family respected his decision.

He had three sisters and all of them had children ranging from 2-10 years old. Because of this, his mother disagreed not to leave them alone at home. The reason being that they had never done this before and that his sisters lived towns away so leaving their children alone at home was not the ideal option. Subsequently, after a lot of arguments, the family had to settle down for bringing no children to the wedding. Hence, issues were resolved, and the situation, fortunately, became non-problematic between the groom and his family.

Now when their big day came, all their guests obeyed the rule and as per that brought no kids along. Later he saw his sisters entering. To his shock, they were not alone. They were accompanied by their kids as well. And his first instinct was to ask them about the deal they had regarding no kids at the wedding. And obviously, all of them refused to follow. So, the only option the groom was left was, to make them leave.

He called the security guards and made sure the kids weren’t allowed. His sisters were truly disappointed in him and didn’t appreciate him misbehaving with their kids. So, to make things even more clear for them, he gathered all his family members after his wedding to explain to his sisters, where they went wrong. According to him bringing children was the foremost mistake they had made. And even after that if he would have allowed the kids to enter, what would have been the point of others’ leaving their kids back at home?

Basically, his mother only told the sisters to ignore his ‘unreasonable’ rule, saying she would deal with him later. But apparently, the groom was firm with his decision. Now that the wedding was over, his mother wanted him to fix the problem by organizing another party for his wedding where all his relatives were invited, including the kids. Yet again he refused this idea. Eventually, all the blame for such decisions was put on his wife, claiming it to be deliberate.

Later they even tried to convince his wife for making things right, threatening her with the consequences. To get an idea of whether he was doing the right thing or not, he shared his story on social media to ask for peoples’ viewpoints on such a situation. Most people respected his decision because in the end, it’s his life.