Grandmother Wants To Call Baby ‘Sushi’ Instead Of Her Real Name

A woman turned to social media for assistance on whether she was being unreasonable in her outburst at her mother after she declared she "hates" the name she gave her daughter. The incident caught the lady so badly, that she lashed out at her mother. This offended the grandmother very badly.


A woman was incensed when her mother informed her that she hopes she does not have a girl because she despises the name she chose. The woman, who was trying for a baby, said anonymously on social media that she and her partner have already decided on two names. The woman stated that her husband and she waited until their baby was born and the names were already on the birth certificate as to what could the relatives possibly do to change them.

However, the women’s mother found out their list of names and broadcasted it to all the family members. She was extremely happy to share that her husband is Irish, and they both adore the name Saoirse (Ser-Sha). She added that there was a famous actress named Saoirse because of which they thought it would not be a problem to name their daughter the same.

Her mother, on the other hand, had warned her that if she had a girl, she would not call her by her given name, but rather ‘Sushi.’ At that moment, her entire family joined in and started “harassing” her about the name. But she did not need to worry because there were fifty-fifty chances of her having a girl. However, she was upset about the debate over the name, and it had really started to irritate her, and the idea that her kid will be bullied by her entire family because she has an Irish name was getting under her skin.

The woman claimed that when her mother inquired if she had had a positive pregnancy test, she told her that she had not, to which her mother replied, “Well, let’s hope it’s not a girl because she’s Sushi to me.” She told her mum flat out that she did not care about her opinion because she had an awfully bad taste in names anyway.

When her mother inquired as to what she meant, she explained that she has always loathed her own name, which is why choosing a unique name for her daughter was so crucial. The grandmother was quite offended that her daughter did not like her name, and the common view was that she was a bad person for expressing her dissatisfaction. The woman worried if she was wrong for acting the way she did, but everyone agreed that her mother was “cruel” for entirely dismissing the name.

The post gathered several comments from spectators. “If you continue on referring to my daughter as Sushi, I’ll refer to you as the Grandma We Don’t See,” one individual commented. Another person mentioned that he will doubt to accept her in the life of her child be it, boy or girl. Another person stated that Saoirse is a traditional and lovely Irish girl’s name, and her mother was being culturally insensitive.