Grandmother Banned Her Granddaughter After She Requested To Change Her Nickname

Grandparents are the most loving family members in any family when it comes to showering love on their grandchildren. But this was not the case in this story. One mother shared how her mother-in-law banned her 5-year-old daughter until she apologizes to her grandmother. The 5-year-old did not like the nickname that her grandmother gave and her grandmother banned her from the house.


A mother shared how her husband’s family banned her 5-year-old daughter from visiting after she told them that she did not like the nickname they gave her. 5-year-old, Collete has always been called ‘Letters’ by her grandmother due to the last alphabets in her name. Even the mother does not like the name because, to be honest, it is not the greatest nicknames but she lets it go for the sake of peace in the family.

Her daughter had been hearing this nickname and one day finally asked her mother: “Why does grandma call me letters? My name is Colette.” Her mother explained to her that it was her nickname given by her grandmother. But her daughter insisted on changing her nickname. The mother suggested to her that she could go to her grandmother and politely ask her to call her Collete.

Her father took her to her parent’s home shortly after she had a conversation with her mother. After a couple of minutes, the mother got an angry call from her mother-in-law. The mother shared that her mother-in-law was angry and furious on the call and shared “She tells me that it was really rude for Colette to say she didn’t like her nickname and that I shouldn’t have told her to say that.”

She further shared that “She said I was raising her to be bratty. She also said that Colette couldn’t come over until she apologised and says that she likes being called Letters.” That last part angered the woman. She told her, “You’re banning a five-year-old from your house for not liking a stupid nickname.” Then she hung up on her.

After sharing her story, the mother asked the readers if she was over reacting. The readers instantly sided with her and replied that “I’m honestly just sort of in disbelief your mother-in-law could be old enough to be a grandma and act like that.” Another added “Good for you for teaching your daughter to stand up for herself and for doubling down by standing up for her. MIL needs to apologize to the 5 year old for not respecting her name request.”

The third added, “Your daughter is being more mature than her.” Well, it is true that the 5-year-old girl is being more mature than her mother-in-law. The girl had a simple request from her grandmother. Instead, she got banned from her grandparent’s house. It is very important to stand up for yourself even if an issue is as small as a nickname. Once you start letting go of small things, your whole life you have to make peace with people walking over you.