Fallen Soldier’s Infant Had A Photo Session With His Unit Mates

Being biologically related is surely the strongest bond anyone can share. But there is no denial in the saying that there are families which are formed without any kind of blood relation. Chris Harris was one such army specialist whose bond with his unit mates was so strong it remained intact even after his death!


Army specialist Chris Harris treated the men in his fort Bragg-based unit, along with whom he was serving in Afghanistan when he was terminated, as his family. They were with him right from the time when he got to know that his better half was pregnant, and also they were amidst the first to discover that Harris is going to be a father of a girl. Chris’s wife Britt was aware of how attached her husband was with his fellow soldiers, so she planned for a surprise gender reveal to be held at their base in Afghanistan.

Now that Chris is no more, she made sure that her late husband’s family remains in the picture, close to her heart.

Harris died in august of 2017, and his daughter was born in March the next year. The entire unit of Chris decided to return to home that day as they all knew that if Chris would have been there, he would do the same. Sgt. Nathan Arthur Bagley revealed that when everyone came home, that was the day she was born so that made it ten times better.

“Sometimes all we need to soothe our soul and ease our burdens is the loving hand of a friend gently touching our heart and lifting us towards love” -Mimi Novic

Posted by Pinehurst Photography on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Once they were home, Britt arranged a photo session with the men in her husband’s unit and his newborn daughter, Christian Michelle, and the photographs from Pinehurst Photography are stunning.

It was very emotional to see the little girl wearing her father’s dog tags and a onesie that read “My Daddy’s my hero,” as the soldiers posed with her.

The little girl is the living picture of her father, and will no doubt cherish these photos and her relationship with the men her father considered his brothers, for many more years to come.

Harris’ mother, Sue Kolean, quoted that when the first time she saw her granddaughter, it was like she was seeing her own son.