Ex-Husband Refuses To Let Their Kid Wear Glasses, Mom Expresses Concern

Co-parenting can be slightly challenging as parents may have contrasting views on raising their children. Well, there is no secret recipe for parenting and so, views can be different. This one mom understood the complications of co-parenting after her ex-husband suggested something completely opposite for their son that would have an impact on his health leaving her in a pickle.


This mom turned to Reddit to share her story about her son and how he had been diagnosed with astigmatism. She had taken him to the hospital for a vision assessment and the doctor recommended the kid to wear glasses.

While the mom is prepared to buy him the specs, the boy’s dad stands firm on a completely different opinion. He thinks that their son is “too young for glasses”. She couldn’t understand the reason behind this thought presented by her ex-husband.

She wrote in her post, “I have a preschooler who recently underwent vision assessment at the hospital. The doctor diagnosed him with astigmatism and gave a prescription for him to get glasses to correct his vision.”

“He is also required to use an eye patch on his stronger eye in a bid to strengthen the weaker one for three hours daily. This is to curb the risk of amblyopia, or “lazy eye”.”

The woman knew that she had to buy her son those glasses and an eye patch without any further contemplation. However, her ex stepped in and didn’t agree with this idea.

“My ex-husband is in disagreement with this diagnosis and the steps that I have taken in accordance with what the doctor prescribed. He did not raise this when I informed him days ago,” she explained.

“His stance is that our son is too young for glasses and we should wait a year or two. He also told me that I was stupid for believing the doctor.”

The mom is baffled by her ex-husband’s view as she is fully aware of her son’s condition and trusts the doctor.

She concluded the post by writing, “I argued with him and told him that he wasn’t a doctor and our son really needed the glasses because I was present at the assessment and he wasn’t. So, AITA for going ahead and deciding to get my son glasses?”

The Reddit users seemed quite concerned. They told this woman that she should always do what the doctor says as he is the expert.

“OP you are doing great thing for your son. I am 14 and have a lazy eye and it’s best to start when the kid I young. I still have a lazy eye and it will keep getting worse if you don’t do what the doctor has prescribed,” one person shared.

“Anti-glassers is a new one on me,” another wrote jokingly.

Someone commented, “This is bizarre and ridiculous. Eyes don’t improve because you don’t wear glasses. If you wait a year or two, he’s just going to be miserable and struggle in school and drawing/sports for a year or two, because he can’t see.”

The OP later revealed that his ex-husband had an issue with not being let in the “decision making” process. She added, “I’m going to suggest to him to personally take our son to a different ophthalmologist for a second opinion if he keeps arguing with me about this.”

We hope they come to one conclusion that only focuses on their kid’s well-being and safety.