Dad Worried About His Wife Making Their Daughter Wear Makeup Every Day

Of all the firsts we have as we grow up, wearing makeup for the first time is quite an exciting one to recall. Most of us remember the exact day when our moms allowed us to use those cosmetic products. However, as we stepped into adulthood, the excitement faded. But we guess that can’t happen in this case where a mom makes her daughter wear makeup every day and the dad is not impressed by this decision.


One parent is quite concerned about a situation in his house revolving around his 11-year-old daughter. He can’t seem to wrap his head around his wife’s decision to make their daughter wear makeup every day. While this mom finds it a normal thing, dad needs an explanation.

He shared that their daughter had recently had her first period and that opened the gates to womanhood for her. However, her mom has shifted to a different zone since then. The OP explained in his post about his wife’s escalating concern.

“My wife has also been painfully aware that my daughter has been getting zits and outgrowing a lot of her clothes,” he mentioned. “My wife has been teaching my daughter how to put on makeup to conceal her zits and enhance everything else.”

All of this went down when they had to stay inside their homes during the pandemic. He revealed, “Now whenever my daughter comes out of her room, my wife sends her back to her room if she doesn’t have makeup on or if she thinks the makeup was applied badly. Or looked ‘crusty’.”

“I don’t know I should be worried. My wife has also been more on top of the ball when it comes to my daughter’s hair. She’s been taking her to her hairstylist to get it shiny every week.”

It has been a tough thing for the OP to watch. He feels puzzled especially when he had always seen his daughter be a “girlie girl”. “She prefers dresses over jeans and has already been known to be a shopaholic by our relatives,” he added in his post.

So, he decided to talk to his wife and ask her why she was making these harsh choices for their girl. “However my wife says that she doesn’t want my daughter to be bullied and that she should always look her best,” the OP wrote. “And when I protested, she said that I had no idea the efforts so takes to look good all the time and it’s a good thing to get her in that habit early.”

This dad didn’t want to jump to any conclusions and so, he asked people on Reddit to guide him. He wrote, “Should I be worried?”

“I would also like to say that we do live in a rather wealthy area but even then I don’t see the kids around us trying that hard — they still look like kids.”

Many people showed him the way without beating about the bush. “Yes, you should be worried. Your daughter is 11! Your wife is going to crush her self-esteem and cause her to have negative body issues for the rest of her life! Yikes,” one user commented.

Another left a through-provoking remark, “Take your daughter for a walk or a drive to get a treat or something and while you have her alone and calm ask her how she feels about the makeup and concealer and mom being so strict about this. You want your daughter to learn that she has full say over what happens to her body and right now your wife is teaching her the opposite of that.”