Dad Goes Viral By Sharing Glimpses Of Life With Triplets

A dad named Austin has caught the attention of the world by providing glimpses of his parenthood. The man is a father to six kids, with three of them being triplets. He runs after his toddlers to make the best of their time. And sometimes, he has to work hard to have them fall back in line in the posts.


Parenthood is a blessing from heaven. Little ones grow up shaping a better and efficient version of their parents. At the same time, it is not a cakewalk for parents to deliver the best. They have to toil hard to nurture their kids with values and principles along with a tiresome routine. A father named Austin has shed light on both thrilling and exhausting facets of parenthood through his TikTok posts to leave social media users in stitches.

Austin is not blessed with not one or two but six kids! Taking that further, three out of them are triplets. The gang of three toddlers is always there to have his time in their favor. They get around living their high on energy days with Austin running after them. The three nuggets take on thrilling mischief to test their father’s patience and parenting skills. To their delight, he also cherishes his parenting time with them to the full. Giving his best to his toddlers, he accompanies them on their fun spree. On the same note, he also has to take ways to make them fall back in line. However, his parenting joy overweighs his responsibilities and exhaustion to make his face glow with happiness.

Well, the dad of six does not keep his parental bliss to himself. He shares glimpses of his vibrant parent life with the world. Taking on that part, he has got his TikTok account delivering that purpose. He keeps the social media world up with his toddlers’ fun and mischief by putting up hilarious shots. Not just that, he has also named his TikTok page based on his parenting theme. It shimmers with the title: ‘dad_surviving_triplets’. To his delight, both parents and non-parents are big fans of his parental life and toddlers.

One can grab the fame of his initiative with the follower count. His page makes waves with 46,000 followers. The shots of his time with his toddlers manage to churn the whirls of laughter for their viewers. They win hearts with the hilarious tones and acts featuring around. In one of his TikTok posts, one can see him struggling to close his dishwasher while his toddlers defend his efforts in their hilarious way. One of the full-on energy kids threatens his move by holding a knife and looking at him! Winning hearts, it has managed to rake in more than 9 million views in the social media world.

In another post, one can see him swinging one of his babies in a field. It carries the caption: “Who needs the gym when you have babies?” Not just that, there is also a post in which he holds his three newborn triplets carrying the caption: “Can’t imagine life without them.”

Thus, his TikTok page is full of hilarious surprises for viewers on the other end. Not just that, his toddlers also take one back to one’s childhood days and make one realize the trouble and efforts one’s parents must have endured. The hilarious posts reflect on the sweet and sour parenthood. They celebrate it to the full. Keeping the lively spirits up, his toddlers seem to be ready for some more thrills. And, he is there to live them with the world.