Dad Gets Caught After Filling False Information On Son’s Birth Certificate

2020 was a terrible year because of so many reasons including the global Covid 19 pandemic, increase in unemployment and what not. In a recent occurrence, a father was gritty to not let his son be a part of this horrible year. The man’s son was born on 11:05 pm of 31st December. But he wrote that was his son born in 2021 in the birth certificate.


A man took over Reddit to narrate an incident where a nurse caught him filling false information on his son’s birth certificate. In this post, he wrote that after his son’s birth, he was given a form to fill. He wrote everything correctly until he reached the time and date. He wrote: ‘Jan. 1st. 2021/12:05’ instead of ‘Dec. 31. 2020/11:05’.

However, the nurse in the hospital was against him in doing so. She stopped the man and asked him whether he had gone crazy. She requested the man to refill the form with correct information.

The dad felt that the nurse was making a big deal out of it. He thought it was unfair because his son lived in 2020 for just an hour. He added that it was an awful year. He said that he was happy that it was over and didn’t want his son to be associated with it, so adding 2021 seemed to be a better option.

The nurse told the man that this would cause a big issue because he was not only changing the hour but the date as well. But he told her that he was the child’s dad so he was ready to hold accountability in case anything happens. However, she was still against it and told the man that it does not happen this way.

The man recalled that the nurse got more people involved into the matter including a pediatrician who raised his voice and disrespected him. He kept reminding the hospital staff that he had the authority. In due course of time, the hospital took the form away from him.

The man’s wife said that she was embarrassed by her husband’s act. Even his family disagreed with him. His brother was the only one who was in agreement with him and said that it was ridiculous of the hospital to something like that.

The man edited his post to add that he lost his father and a close friend in 2020. On top of that he was even going through some financial struggle after leaving his job involuntarily. Further, he wrote that other dreadful stuff also happened in that year. He hated 2020 and wished it never really existed.

Netizens varied in opinions in the comment section. A user wrote that the man committed a serious crime that could jeopardize his son’s ability to get a social security number, citizenships, housing, a job, own property, marry etc. A second user commented “It’s not subjective. I get that you hated 2020, but you turned the last chance for your family’s 2020 joy into something crappy.” Another person wrote that it was okay on the dad’s part to not want his son to be associated with 2020.