Dad Does Mermaid Photo Shoot With Daughter For Her Birthday

A father and her daughter did a mermaid photo shoot for the little girl’s birthday and people can’t get over it. The dad daughter duo did the shoot with Arkansas photographer Desirae Deal’s help. She transformed the little girl into an adorable mermaid. The shoot was in celebration of the girl’s eighth birthday. The most wonderful part was that the father was present throughout the shoot dressed in a mermaid costume to support his daughter.


Deal posted the pictures on Facebook on July ninth and got an overwhelming response from the people. The shoot was a proof of a father’s love and how far he was willing to go for his daughter. Deal said that it was an absolute honor for her to do the photo shoot for this girl. She told that the girl wanted her father to join the shoot. Deal jokingly said that the father did not disappoint. The memories made by the duo will be cherished for years to come and only increase the love between them.

The dad had matched his daughter perfectly in the costume. They both wore pink clamshell tops and crowns decorated in pearls. The daughter had a pink tail while the father rocked a blue one. The two played in water and posed for pictures while smiling brightly at the camera. In the comments section Deal added a link to behind the scenes video which was the amazing part of this story. The video had captured a lot of adorable moments. In one of the shots the dad puts his face in the water and then throws his head back to create the perfect cascade of water for one of the shots.

"Fathers, be your daughter's first love and she'll never settle for anything less." -unknown.I had the honor of doing…

Posted by Desirae Deal Photography on Thursday, July 9, 2020

The father dressed as a mermaid has been trending on social media as a girl dad. The #GirlDad became famous after basketball legend Kobe’s death. Kobe once referred to himself as a girl dad and it has been used ever since. He was quoted saying that girls are the best and he would not mind having five more girls if he could.

The hashtag promotes bonding between fathers and their daughters over social media. This has been trending a lot a using a lot of examples from popular culture like sports, cinema, politics and others. It has also brought attention to the short film “Hair Love” in which a father bonds with his daughter by styling her hair before she visits her mother.

The father in this photo shoot is certainly the epitome of a girl dad. This heartwarming story is an example of what is expected of fathers and what they are supposed to deliver. This cute pair is certainly the best thing we’ve seen in a while.