Dad Arranges Choir To Perform A Special Lullaby For A Daughter With Nightmares

Nightmares are just awful; it makes a person utterly uncomfortable. Adults still develop an ability to deal with it over time but nightmares are indeed a traumatizing experience for a child. This Dad’s daughter was dealing with some horrific nightmares, so he hired their favorite choir to sing her daughter a lullaby.


A child usually requires a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep. And if they don’t get proper sleep, it would certainly impede their growth. When a child deals with nightmares they are left traumatized moreover it becomes a difficult situation for the parents as well. Parents lookout for ways to rescue their children from the trap of nightmares as soon as possible. One such Dad whose daughter was dealing with nightmares came up with a very impressive solution. He thought of making her listen to a personalized lullaby.

He managed to reach out to their most loved choir. He searched for them online and was successful in contacting them. He shared his daughter’s problem with them and they were more than willing to help. This gave him hope that listening to a personalized lullaby might fix her daughter’s nightmares. The choir recorded themselves on a video call with soft toys in their hands to make the lullaby more loving.

The director of the choir said that they were heartened to know that she was so fond of the Choir. The group was really exalted by the request and started working on perfecting the lullaby with simple lyrics so that she could easily comprehend it. He further said that it encouraged them and inspired them to create something new that would please her, they tried their level best to execute a melodic lullaby that could help her out. The lyrics of the lullaby were so wholesome, it wished her sweet dreams.

Choir’s efforts paid off and the lullaby actually worked. Her Dad said that she watches the video of the lullaby every night without fail before she goes to sleep. She loved it so much that her father said that she hums it all the time. She was able to sleep peacefully, not only that she got rid of her nightmares too.

Choir’s efforts should be applauded, it was so gratifying to see that they came together and composed a lullaby for a child with whom they literally had no association. Their action was so full of empathy and love. They were bothered by her grievances and even acknowledged them. Unfortunately, humans have lost the tendency to be empathetic towards the world over the years. In a fast-pacing world where people are becoming totally self-centered day by day and are least bothered by others’ plight, such occurrences restore the faith in humanity.