Couple Adopted Five Biological Siblings Separated In Foster Care

Taking care of children and parenting forever is not an easy task. But a couple adopts five biological children after learning that they were living under separate foster homes. The couple wanted to re-unite the fiver biological siblings, thus started the process of adoption right after they got to know about the biological siblings living in different foster care homes.


Andi and Thomas Bonura, a kind-hearted couple from Texas, USA are blessed with three biological children but welcomed five biological siblings when they got to know that they were separated in foster care. They welcomed their additional five children to the family in May 2020. The couple is ecstatic about the big new family.

The couple had fertility issues since the very beginning. Though they have three biological children having them was not an easy journey for the couple. Joey, 11-year-old is their eldest son and was born with a twin Eli, who sadly passed away and himself is suffering from cerebral palsy. They were told they wouldn’t be able to reproduce again but god blessed them with two beautiful daughters Sadie, 10, Daphne, eight.

But after that things got more complicated and the doctors told them that it was too risky for them to try to conceive again. They turned to their last resort a foster care hoping they would get an addition to their family there. They started fostering Bryson in November 2017, who is now two-years-old. The couple then fostered Bryson’s siblings Gabrielle, four, and David, six, who were earlier living in different foster care.

The couple got to know that all the five siblings including the twin brothers Carter and Thomas, eight-years-old were up for adoption. The couple could not think of separating the family. Thus, they decided to adopt all five biological siblings. Andi shared that “We had already been meeting with the twins, who are now 8, and we just loved them. They were constantly asking when they were going to move into our house.”

The couple fostered all the children together so that they could adopt them and make sure all of them lived together under one roof. They started the adoption process and Andi further shared “We were so excited. We wanted them absolutely from the get-go.” The global pandemic made some delays in the adoption process and they were not able to get the adoption paper as soon as they were expecting.

But the couple was offered an adoption trail call with Thomas on the Zoom meeting. Andi shared her experience of the adoption process and explained that she knew that it would be an emotionally challenging experience for the family but knew it would be worth it in the end. She also gave credit to the foster care mothers who helped her constantly and said: “The only reason I made it through all of this is because of the other foster mums and the support we have for each other. Honestly, I’m nothing special. If anything, it’s the other mums who encouraged me.”

The couple finally adopted all the siblings in May and shared that it seems they were together since the beginning because all of them have each other’s back and care for each other. They look out for each other and glued to each other’s hip all the time. The family is excited.