Cheated On His Wife Just a Few Days Before She Was About To Give Birth To His Baby, Now Regretting Over His Mistakes

Pregnancy is a tough phase to be in and husbands play a major role in making it easy or at least they can try. However, this woman thought she had the best husband who was there with her throughout her second pregnancy until she discovered that her husband cheated on her a few days before she was about to pop out a baby from her vajayjay.


Abby Davies a woman who was in her own bubble and was in a very happy space. A mother to a beautiful daughter and was about to give birth to her second child but things turned ugly when she realized what her husband Dan was up to. Living in Plymouth, the woman was then 38 weeks pregnant and in two weeks was her due delivery date.

Five years of togetherness was what they had with each other. They were pregnant as soon as they got married and having Tiffany made their lives perfect. After years, she was having the second baby. It was her third trimester when she thought that Dan was becoming distant and was keeping secrets. Abby realized only when Dan texted her one night that she need not wait up as he was catching up with his old mate, Tim. Out of concern, the wife texted his friend to not let Dan drink way too much. The reply shattered things for her. Tim replied, “I’m not with Dan, I haven’t seen him for ages.”

That night she stayed up and asked Dan what was he up to and he tried to explain that he was out with workmates and he didn’t want Abby to be worried that is why he lied. She didn’t want to argue and slept over it. However, it did get stuck in her head.

Things became normal and one day she took her daughter Tiffany with her to the bar where her husband used to work as a bartender and had planned to surprise the Daddy with a present. She’d bought a babygrow with Best Daddy Ever so that he would be beaming with a smile. When she reached his workplace, she couldn’t find her husband behind the bar but the manager and he told her that he wasn’t in for work that day.

She was flushed and embarrassed. The manager looked at her with pity and it was obvious that the manager knew something that she didn’t. That day she couldn’t stay in one place and was restless than she has ever been. The moment Dan stepped in, Abby confronted him with a question if he was seeing someone. He denied and convinced her that there was nothing going on. He didn’t say a word after that and she had to drop the topic.

That night Dan slept on the sofa and at that moment, Abby got her hands on his phone and dirty secret. The woman’s name was sally and there were texts to her and the last text from Dan said, “Hey kitten, I’m back at my house but I’m sleeping on the sofa. We aren’t getting back together ever. I miss you.”

Kitten, it was Abby’s pet name and he was using it for another woman. She checked social media and found pictures of two of them. That is when she woke him up and flashed the messages to him. He was blank and told her that he had kissed her. He left the place and said that he needed time to think. He came back hours later and his wedding ring was missing, that is when he confessed that he had slept with Sally. Abby was heartbroken and tears didn’t stop flowing from her eyes.

The stress level increased and she had to be operated and when her son Jesse came out he was battling his life with jaundice. She didn’t know if she wanted Dan to be present there or not but at that moment he chose to stay. She couldn’t trust Dan After this and as they came back from the hospital she contacted Sally on Facebook and texted her, “You’re welcome to my husband. The pair of you deserve each other.”

Sally’s reply is what made Abby realize that her marriage was over. Sally apologized for her actions and said that Dan wouldn’t leave her alone. She was with a new man now and even Abby moved on after that.

Abby filed a divorce on the basis of Adultery and when Dan was asked what he thinks about the situation he said, “Of course I do (feel bad). It’s one of the most shameful things I’ve ever done. It destroyed my life. I pleaded with Abby for forgiveness as soon as I committed adultery. I made Abby aware I slept with her as soon as it happened. There’s not much else to say on the matter. I’m sure you’ll publish whatever fits your agenda. The fact is I made a disgraceful mistake which cost me, my family.”