Bridezilla Slams Her Friend For Wearing Her New Engagement Ring To The Wedding

Wedding disasters are not something rare now. Weird incidents happen and they eventually become a memory to laugh at after a few years. One such strange instance occurred with this woman who had to hear some harsh words from the bride for wearing her own engagement ring to the wedding. Sounds ridiculous? Well, there’s more!


This woman shared her story on Reddit and explained how one little thing caused the bride and the groom to be angry at her. No one was expecting such a reaction!

She wrote that it was one of her close friend’s wedding and the guest list was limited due to the restrictions during the pandemic. “Since it was such a small ceremony, I was at least acquainted with pretty much everyone there, and friends with a large fraction of the people,” she added.

She imagined this small wedding ceremony to be quite exciting and fun. However, her imagination was going to be proved entirely wrong.

This woman shared that she became engaged just a few weeks prior. But she didn’t reveal the news to anyone except her immediate family and some closest friends.

She didn’t think that wearing her engagement ring to her friend’s wedding would be the reason for some drama. “Fast forward to the wedding. Without thinking about it, I wore my new engagement ring, since it’s now part of the jewelry set I wear every day,” she wrote.

“Since I knew most people at the wedding, lots of people immediately started asking if I was engaged and congratulating me and me fiancé. We’ve been together for a really long time and it’s been a running joke among me and my friends if we’d ever actually tie the knot.”

The wedding was over and she returned home only to wake up to a strange call from the newly-wed couple.

“This really upset the bride and groom, who angrily called me the day after the wedding. They said it was in very bad taste to wear a new engagement ring to their wedding, on the level of actually proposing at the wedding,” she shared in her post.

She didn’t see this coming and their words hit her like a thunderbolt. “I feel really bad that I upset them, but at the same time I think their anger is out of line. Actually proposing at someone else’s wedding is a far cry from just wearing a new ring, which I might add is a plain silver band,” she expressed.

“It’s not like I was flashing a huge diamond in people’s faces purposely trying to get attention.”

She could not wrap her head around such a weird reaction from the couple. People gathered in the comment section to share their opinions on this.

“It’s like saying you can’t go to a wedding if you’re pregnant, or have dyed your hair or some other change that people might comment on. At some point you have to be allowed out of the house having gotten engaged and family or friends will always comment on the new thing since they last saw you,” one mentioned.

Another wrote, “A real friend doesn’t ask you to dim your light so it looks like they are shining brighter.”

Some picked the couple’s side too. Others just explained how good friends would never complain about their spotlight being stolen. That’s all we need to understand!