Bridesmaid Angered After Finding Out She Was Edited In Official Wedding Photos

Every girl wishes everything to be perfect on her wedding day from seating arrangements, her dress, the groom’s dress to bridesmaid looks. But practically it is not possible for everything to be perfect or go as we wish them to. This bride took her idea of perfectionism to another level when she edited her bridesmaid photographs in her official wedding album to ensure she looks her best in them and receives backlash for doing so.


Taking to Reddit, the bride shared that she had edited a photo of one of her bigger looking bridesmaids to look slimmer in her wedding photos.

After her wedding, she gifted her bridesmaids a portrait style photo of the wedding party to reminisce on the wedding day but when it came to a few full-body shots in her personal wedding album something didn’t seem right.

She wrote, “My friend ‘Heather’ is a bigger girl. In some of these pictures, the bridesmaids dress created a very unflattering silhouette.” She further added, “I asked my photographer to edit her. This was for my personal photos only; I cannot emphasize this enough.”

The newlywed was mistaken that she has gotten away with her sneaky edits until she invited Heather and two other friends around for dinner two months after her wedding and decided to have some drinks.

One of the friends pointed out that Heather looked “damn good” in the photos without realizing that those were edited. When Heather noticed the difference, she got really offended and asked the bride what she had done to them. But, instead of owning up her mistake, she tried to shift the blame to her other friend Stacy who commented that Heather looked good in the pictures.

She said, “I got mad at my other friend ‘Stacy’ because she had no reason to point out that she thought Heather ‘looked good’.” She claimed that Stacy was trying to body shame Heather by not realizing the photos were edited.

When the bride did accept that she edited the pictures, she and Heather ended up in a shouting match which according to her was “totally unnecessary.”

She argued, “I told her to be more secure, and pointed out that it was Stacy that was actually body-shaming her, she drew her attention to the photos in the first place.”

In the bride’s opinion, her friend Heather had been trying to shake her on social media and all of her friends are taking Heather’s side. She feels that editing the photos for her personal album doesn’t make her an awful person. According to her, Stacy shouldn’t have drawn her attention to them.
Reddit users found the bride to be an awful person for editing the photos and then trying to push the blame onto Stacy.

One person wrote, “what a horrible person.” The other one wrote, “embarrassed (she) got caught.”
One more person added, “If she didn’t know it was wrong, to begin with, she would have had it done for all the photos, not just for her personal album.”

Many users went forward and pointed out the bride’s hypocrisy telling Heather “to be more secure” despite the fact that she literally edited her appearance in the photos.

One of the users said that how in this world can Heather feel more secure when someone she cares about secretly and actively requests her body to be changed because she didn’t like how it looked in photos.