Bride’s Comments On Wedding Day Made Woman Bail On Being A Bridesmaid

A woman asked for advice on social media after a bride called her out for ruining her wedding by bailing on being the bridesmaid at the last moment. The former claims that she did so because of some comments that she had overheard on just the night before the wedding.


This woman took to Reddit to share her story with people and get an opinion on the decision she had made. She wrote in her post that she was staying in a hotel prior to her friend’s wedding. This was where she heard her friend ill-talk about her with some other woman. Since this bridesmaid had gotten married only a few weeks before her friend’s wedding, the bride to be blamed her for stealing her thunder and made fun of the non-traditional wedding that she had had.

When the bridesmaid overheard all this, she instantly decided that she didn’t want to be a part of the wedding anymore and the next morning, before the wedding she packed up and left the hotel. Since this event, the bride has been accusing this woman for ruining her wedding as she was one bridesmaid short for a groomsman because of her.

This woman told the people of Reddit about her own wedding that had taken place six weeks prior to her friend’s. She claimed that her wedding was a hit. She further wrote that she had a very non-traditional wedding where she wore a black dress while her husband wore a white suit, had four boys and two girls as the flower kids and also had her sister-in-law as the ring bearer.

She further added how both men and women were a part of the bride and groom’s party and how everybody loved what they did at their wedding. She wrote that she got married on her grandparents’ property, with the decoration provided by them, while she herself designed her own, the bridesmaids’ and the groomsmaid’s dresses. She claims that they saved a lot of money by doing so.

She added that her friend was her bridesmaid just like she was supposed to be hers. She told the people how just the night before the wedding, all the bridesmaids were chilling in a bridal suite. After the spas and all the fun, everyone was going to bed. The bridesmaid was on her way to the bathroom when she heard a conversation between the bride and her maid of honor. She heard her say how everyone loved her wedding even though it was so much cheaper than hers and that it had stolen her limelight and thunder. She even called her insufferable and a cheapskate. The bridesmaid instantly went back to her room, packed up and left.

This ruined the wedding for the bride as one groomsman didn’t have a bridesmaid. They couldn’t even find a replacement since this woman took her bridesmaid dress along when she left the hotel. The bride didn’t contact her but their other friends texted this woman to return back to the wedding. She told them that she’d only return if the bride apologized to her in front of all the bridesmaids for saying what she said, but the bride didn’t.

While some of her friends thought she was wrong for acting this way, others were on her side, so she asked the people on the internet for their opinion. Over a thousand people replied to this post and most them supported the woman and assured her that she took the right decision. Some also appreciated her for staying away from the bride and cooling down maturely.