Bride Mocked For “Fairy Costume” Dress She Chose For Her Twin Sister

For every girl, her wedding day is the most important and special day for her. Every girl plans and prepares for this day well in time and wishes that everything must go according to her plan. But sometimes nobody sides with the bride’s vision! Something similar happened with this bride who entered into a conflict with her twin over her chosen bridesmaid dress.


From her dresses and accessories to her bridesmaid dress, she had planned everything beforehand. But as her wedding day approached and she was all set to seal the day by exchanging vows with her better half, her plans of a smooth and perfect wedding started to crumble down when her twin sister refused to wear the bridesmaid dress, she had chosen for her. Not only did she refuse to wear the dress, but she also turned away the wedding.

When the bride’s twin sister straightaway refused to wear the outfit, she picked for her, she took it to Facebook. When she explained that her sister is refusing to attend the wedding, users couldn’t help but side with her twin sister when they saw the dress, she picked up for her.

The bride said, “I think it is going to be cute, but she has been very difficult.” She shared the picture of her aunt modeling in the dress, she explained that the skirt should have been sitting a little higher on the waist but this was just the gist of it.


The dress included a bright pink tutu-style skirt and white V-neck cami top which almost looked like a ballerina outfit or as some Facebook users pointed out a fairy costume.

While some people mocked the bride for her choice of outfit, some people defended her to say her twin should, “bite her tongue.”

The Facebook post received numerous comments where some people defended the bride, some sided with her twin sister. One person said, “Just complete the look with a tiara and a wand. Maybe some dollar store fairy wings and fake pearls, go all out.”

Another one went on to tease by saying, “Some child is very upset about the fairy costume her grandma sewed for her being stolen.”

One person commented, “Although the dress really isn’t cute, it is not anywhere ugly enough to refuse to wear it as a bridesmaid in your sister’s wedding.”

One of the users said, “I am actually a twin and if my twin sister tried to make me wear that, I would hope to God I could talk her out of that and pick something not hideous and juvenile.”

Even though there is no denying the fact that it is the bride’s big day but it is not fair on her part to force her sister to wear such a ‘hideous’ dress. She calling the matter our on Facebook is just a tactic to force her bridesmaid to wear something she doesn’t like and finds ugly.