Bride Kicked Sister Out Of The Wedding Due To Her Son’s Behavior

The wedding is a beautiful day for which a woman waits for years, wanting it to be the perfect. However, here, this is not the case! A bride was organizing her wedding for the past year, and she yearned for minimal guests and wanted to complete the rituals peacefully but was disrupted by kids.


The bride was forced to allow her sister to bring her kids at the wedding, however the kids would be pampered by her husband as the babysitter was to be engaged somewhere. This decision became progressively worse for the bride, and the entire wedding became a circus revolving around the child’s tantrums. Initially, the bride had signed up for a “getting ready shoot” which was obstructed by her sister as her kids were not ready and were goofing around reluctantly and the bridesmaid (sister) was missing in most of the pictures.

During the ceremony, the bride and the groom were half way in the vows. Meanwhile, one of the kids starting crying, so the brother-in-law of the bride take him away so that the voice was barely heard. This very incident made the bride even more nervous. Simultaneously, they also saw that sister argued with her husband. Worsening the situation, the sister disappeared from the ceremony which made it strenuous as they couldn’t take the wedding pictures, which lead to immense hindrance.

The bride was distressed as her sister didn’t even eat humble pie at wedding after all the chaos. The sister converged to the bride after dance but put forward negligible effort to express regret and defended that the kids were annoyed as it was the nap time however, now they have settled in. The bride was shaken as her sister barely did any efforts to accompany her. Moreover, the bride had to accommodate and adjust her entire family including their kids and disregarded her own rules for her sister.

AITA for making my sister leave my wedding reception after her son acted up during my ceremony? from AmItheAsshole

The sister apologized for the turmoil and felt that the bride exaggerated and amplified the situation. In the heat of the moment, the bride asked her sister to vacate the ceremony. The mother and sister of the bride became silent through which bride perceived that maybe she made a botch of it. This turned out as a humiliation and discomfort for the sister as the people around convinced the bride that it was not her fault.

The sister’s apology seemed to be fake and pretentious to a lot people as she did not even adhere to the boundaries that were asked to obey by the bride. Someone even suggested that eloping would have been a better option for the bride. Rather than helping the bride at the wedding to cope up with emotional and mental stress, the sister turned it around and intended to create commotion.

It gave an unappealing impression to the guests that the sister was not happy for the wedding and merely felt that she was forcefully invited. Rather than making the wedding a hit, the sister and her kids became a hindrance and delayed the wedding. This act of the sister spoiled the most significant day of the bride’s life.