Bride Enraged After BIL Proposes To His Girlfriend Right Before The Wedding Ceremony

The couple deserves the whole spotlight on their wedding day and no, there’s no sharing involved when it comes to the attention of the guests on their big day. It’s almost criminal to snatch that limelight from the bride and the groom. However, this doesn’t stop certain people to grab the attention of the guests and take it away from the couple. That’s what this bride experienced when her BIL proposed to his girlfriend right before the ceremony.


Weddings are all about the couple exchanging the vows and celebrating their love. It turns out someone didn’t receive the memo. They stole the spotlight from the bride who later shared her story on Reddit.

She was baffled by the actions of his brother-in-law who was her husband’s best man at the wedding. She explained how he ruined the day for her entirely.

The fuming bride wrote, “My brother in law Kevin (21) was selected by my husband Jack to be his bestman, they’re both so close, Kevin was thrilled and said it was going to be perfect.”

The bride further explained how Kevin entered the venue with his girlfriend who wore a similar colored dress like her. “Everyone took a seat, and just before the ceremony began, Kevin excused himself for a minute, I watched in shock as he walked up to his girlfriend, kneeled down and proposed to her,” she added.

“She took her time than said yes, next thing I knew my husband started clapping along with my mother in law and the rest of the family.”

We can fairly call that a disaster!

The bride admitted that this proposal came out of the blue for her. All the guests congratulated the “newly-engaged” couple and she had a tough time absorbing the situation.

She expressed in her post, “I saw my bridesmaids hugging her and congratulating her while my mother-in-law rushed to stand next to her. I was confused, I stood their feeling so much anger that my legs couldn’t stand. I had a few guests starring at me awkwardly and my mom walked out to get some air, I could tell she was upset [too].”

She could not take this anymore and when Kevin asked his fiancée to dance with him, this bride had enough. “I called kevin and my husband to the back, I told him that what he did was out of line and that he ruined my moment that was supposed to be about me and my husband,” she wrote.

“I got so fed up I told Kevin to just leave. He tried to argue, I told him it was my wedding, just leave. He rushed out and his girlfriend and mom followed after. His mom yelled at me saying I had no right, it was an overall horrible situation.”

It’s been days and she has not met her in-laws. They just sent her texts calling her names and reminding her about the horrible thing she did. Sounds bizarre, right?

People who read her post took her side. One commented, “You never use someone else’s wedding as an opportunity to propose to your own SO unless everyone involved gives their permission beforehand, and no one bothered to get yours. Your day was stolen from you, and you have every right to be angry.”

For once, let weddings be the one special day for the couple. Pick any other day for other celebrations!