Bratty MIL Ruined Bride’s Wedding Day With Outrageous Request

A woman turned to the Facebook group named ‘That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming’ to pour out her wedding day miseries. She had eloped with her wife to Gibraltar to work out their future along with her mother-in-law. Things got awry on the wedding day when her mother-in-law refused to ready her, started flirting with boys and demanded her wedding dress.


Weddings are the auspicious occasions, marking the union of two lives. Thus, the groom and the bride try their best to get the best moments on board. However, there turn in a few spoilers to test their patience and emotional strength. An anonymous woman from Portugal has seen the winds of contentions brewing on her wedding day with her mother-in-law playing the devil’s part.

She had eloped with her love (now her wife) to Gibraltar to set on the wedding tones for them. Not just that, her mother-in-law too joined them to be their sole witness and facilitate their wedding. To their relief, the wedding date worked out. Bells were all set to chime. The woman wanted her family to grace the occasion. But to her horror, her mother-in-law began to show her dark side.

She asked her to drop the plan of inviting her family as her brother was homophobic. She bowed down before her decision. But on the wedding day, she could not hold back her emotions and began crying in the other room. Her mother-in-law refused to help her get ready before she finished her dress up.

That left the woman in a pool of tears which she tried to confine to her eyes to avoid spoiling her wedding dress. Finally, her love appeared on the scene and helped her wrapping the things up. The lovebirds then led themselves to the altar and took the vows. Everything was going in line to make it up for them when she saw her mother-in-law in a black dress trying to win the attention of the other witness throughout the ceremony.

The woman kept mum and moved out of the ceremony with her wife. She got a change and packed her wedding dress to breathe the moments of relief.

But the worst was hanging around. Her mother-in-law asked her wife to coax her to lend her wedding dress for her wedding day. She came to know about her mother-in-law finally having an affair with the intern.

The revelation and the bizarre wish ruined the terms between the couple. But they managed to reconcile the differences. She could not drop her disgust over her. She turned to ‘That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming’ Facebook group.

Taking on the wedding day preparation, she shared, “I was already in the other room crying, and a teardrop went down my face, and fell on my dress lightly staining it with foundation, which took me on a downward spiral of going from silently crying to violently sobbing”.

Shedding light on their early return, she said, “She was a brat for the rest of the day and made me feel awful for most of the day, so we just went home early and I just took the dress off, put it away and it’s been in my closet since”.

Concluding her post, she said, “Even though I have no hard feelings over that day, I still think it’s super weird that she’d ask me for the dress that I wore in a day she ruined”.

The other users turned in large to support her stance.