Boy Was Upset On Finding Out Dad Was Paying Higher Allowance To Twin

Parents never differentiate between their kids and treat them equally, or so we hope. But sometimes parents don’t treat their kids alike which can create problems. One dad accepted that he is giving one twin more money than the other, and has been caught.


A father of four in the controversial post accepted that he has been giving 1 twin more money than the other. He has twin boys of 14-years-old and two girls who are 10-year-old and 7-year-old. He shared “All of them are pretty responsible kids, and consistently do their chores as they’re meant to.”

He shared how he makes sure that all the kids are doing their work. He said: “We have a little chart that says what all their jobs are, with each of their roles being proportional to their ages. The boys take on the largest number of responsibilities, which each of them alternating jobs every week.”

Both the boys are paid $15 for a week, the 10-year-old is paid $10 and the youngest one gets $2. But for the past year, one of the twins is getting $5 more than the year and the father explained why. He explained that “One of my boys (call him A to differentiate) is a real leader in the home. He’s just naturally brilliant with people, is constantly dealing with conflicts between his sisters and his brother, takes charge in rough situations, and is really considerate of others. He’s always been the ‘frontman’ between his brother and him, with him speaking for both of them while his brother hangs back.”

AITA for giving my twin sons different allowances? from AmItheAsshole

He continued “Though we’ve never told him to, and though it’s not his responsibility, he’s always been a real help to his mother and me in keeping the house running smoothly. His brother (call him B), on the other hand, is much more reserved. He keeps to himself. That’s not a problem, but we do recognize that A takes on more ’emotional labor’ in the household than B.”

Even his wife agrees with more pay. The father explained why the boys never knew about the difference in the reward till now. He shared “The boys both have debit cards (got them when they were 13), so we put the money directly into their accounts and neither of them sees money getting exchanged.” Though the twin getting more money knew, others did not. The second twin also got to know about the fact recently and was furious.

They shared how he got to know and wrote: “They were online shopping for video games, and B questioned why A was able to afford stuff he couldn’t. A admitted to him that he’s been making more.” The parents have no clue how to make him understand why they did what they did.

A commenter posted: “Surprise fact — people have different personalities and demeanor. One of your twins happens to have a higher emotional IQ and the other is a bit more introverted. You even say in the post that you can’t explain to B why he’s making less money. Of course he’s upset.”