Boy Underwent Surgeries After Getting A Piece Of Popcorn Stuck In His Lungs, Mom Is Warning Other Parents Now

Just like you can’t leave your kids around objects which can be dangerous for them, similarly, precautions need to be taken when it comes to the food they eat. This mom is asking other parents to be very careful about kids’ food as her little son had to undergo surgeries after a piece of popcorn was stuck in his lung.


Nicole Johnson Goddard was spending the Saturday night at home with her family. It was a movie night which of course, involved popcorn! Now we emphasize on popcorn here as the problem began there.

Goddard did not pay attention to her little one, Nash as he was indulging in popcorn as they all sat together. For a moment, Nash choked while eating but, his mom thought he was fine. However, things worsened the next morning.

Nash had a weird cough and was even down with a fever after that choking incident. Goddard gave him medicine and made him sleep. She was not panicking until she found that her son was having difficulty in breathing. He was struggling to breathe normally. She grabbed her phone immediately and talked to her pediatrician.

The doctor called her to the hospital for his checkup as soon as possible. After they went in, Nash was taken for a chest X-ray after which the doctor made a bronchoscopy appointment for Nash as it was a matter of concern now. Bronchoscopy allowed the doctor to have a deeper look inside the airways and his lungs. Nash’s condition was critical and immediate surgery was required.

The popcorn that he had swallowed created a serious problem in his left lung. There were pus-filled pockets around it leading to pneumonia. It is shocking how a piece of popcorn could have such an adverse effect on a kid’s health!

The first surgery wasn’t completely successful as the doctor could not get rid of all the tiny pieces that were present. Six were removed but still, a few were left according to the surgeon.

It was time for the second operation and after certain medical procedures, Nash underwent the surgery which marked the end of this tough phase. All the pieces were removed and Nash was discharged from the hospital after he recovered to a great extent.

It was a scary time for Goddard and that thought still frightens her. She couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who supported her family throughout and helped his toddler get well again.

She wants the parents to be highly attentive around their little ones as one diversion can put them in a terrible situation. For this reason, she shared the whole incident in a Facebook post which went viral and received many shares. It’s a good thing that awareness is being created around this!

Being a parent is never easy as you have to take care of multiple things at a time. However, you need to be watchful of the kid’s health and what they are consuming. Some food items need to be kept far away from toddlers. Be alert and aware is what the experts say!