Blonde Who Never Had To Buy Drinks Shocked How She’s Treated After Turning Brunette

Appearances are deceptive. Aren’t they? It’s like a sweet wrapped up in a bright white paper but instead of chocolate, there’s caramel in there or vice-versa. Similarly, looks play a vital role in knowing how a person is perceived by others. Just like how a 27 years old girl was perceived when she was out in her new makeover.


Jodie Weston, a DJ and an influencer from London who came up with a strange yet funny way of being treated by people immediately after going from blonde to brunette. Initially the blonde look of hers’ helped her out to get away with the parking tickets, long queues and get free drinks. But as soon as she was out on the streets with her new brunette hairdo, all of that suddenly stopped. Now, this was all just a thought that pondered over in her head but in reality, it could never happen.

Hence, it can be said that looks do play a major role. Or to say just the color of the hair. The whole concept behind coloring her hair into a dark color was to utilize the time of lockdown and to spice things up by seeing how people would react. And she was in for quite a shock after looking at the way she was treated. Men no longer held doors for her to enter and now the stalking time was cut down from 10 minutes to 10 seconds. What a contrast had been brought up by a brunette wig in her overall treatment.

Earlier the blonde hair used to attract more of those kinds of men who used to ‘cat call’ her whenever she went down the streets. But now she attracted completely different caliber men. Men with their glasses on, who were academically and intellectually upfront. Same as the type she always wanted. And to say, Jodie was naturally born with dark brunette hair that was almost black but went blonde after her breakup some years ago and some of the obsession also came from her favorite actress. She even added that her new look matched her personality of being light-hearted and vivacious.

This new look did make her life a little mundane as she no longer received any freebies and no extra effort was done by men. But now after the new makeover, girls have been more generous to her and were no longer her enemies which they used to be while she was blonde. Even the stalking by an ample number of men had stopped. All thanks to the brunette hair which eventually made her get a lovely guy through screen who was a doctor and his description totally fitted her choice.

So, it can be said that the brunette wig did bring a fortunate stroke of serendipity in her life!