Aldi-Themed Birthday Party Brought Pearls Of Joys For A 4-Year-Old

A 4-year-old girl named Saylor Singleton lived her love for Aldi to the full when she saw her birthday part donning the Aldi shades. Her mother- Meaghan was looking up for a perfect party theme when she popped up with her Aldi visit demand. Grabbing her love for the store, the mother pulled down the strings of celebrations with Aldi-vibes.


Birthday parties are no more all about cakes, balloons and buntings. They now demand out of the world efforts from the hosts to light up the hearts of birthday souls and their guests. Hence, the brand-themed parties have become a new normal for our golden age. But a mother named Meaghan took the trend a notch higher when it came to her daughter’s fourth birthday celebrations.

Her angel- Saylor was going to achieve the step of four years of age. Meaghan wanted to paint the golden moments with vibrant vibes. Thus, she started looking for ways that could bestow a unique charm to the celebrations. While the family was busy in deciding on the theme, Saylor popped in with her demand. The little girl wanted to visit the grocery store- Aldi yet again. Taking her Aldi love on the board, Meaghan decided the plan the things around the Aldi shades.

However, it was not a child’s play for the mother. She had to go ahead to grab the tiniest bits of Aldi. She looked through the piles of logos, pamphlets, hoardings and postures to see their role in the birthday party arrangement. Not just that, she also googled for the information and things that could inspire her birthday party plot. To her dismay, she was the first to plan a party based on Aldi theme. So she decided to take the matter in her way. She picked up the elements lighting up the brand and molded them to go with the birthday celebrations.

Empty product boxes, bags, etc. all turned up to cement her planning. She used her Cricut machine and put the things down for the party. Finally, the mother ended up setting the scene for the amusement of the birthday girl.

Saylor turned four and entered into the Aldi world to celebrate her golden moments. She jumped up with joy to see everything donning the Aldi shades. The cupcakes carts made her heart swirl with cravings. Meaghan got a photographer to capture her euphoric moments. After the end of the party, the Aldi elements made way to its little fan’s room.

Meaghan went ahead to share the celebrations in the social media world. To her delight, it made the Aldi fans bubble up with amusement. Taking on her planning, she shared, “We were discussing the things she loves to decide on a theme, and she interrupted asking to go to Aldi and we had already been there that day! I walked around my own Aldi and thought of all the things that symbolize Aldi. The colors in the logo, quarters, reusable bags, empty product boxes, the long conveyer belts, etc”.

Shedding some light on Saylor’s reaction on seeing her Aldi-themed birthday party, she shared, “[She] ran to her Grandma yelling ‘I love Aldi!’”

Basking in the warmth of success of her birthday party efforts, she said, “I hope Saylor’s story inspires people to throw whatever kind of party themed after whatever makes them happy!”

Birthday themes are thus inundating our lives with their out of the world magic.