Agitated Mother Leaves Brutal Note For Family Post Rage Cleaning Messy Kitchen

Co-living with someone who has no civic sense is catastrophic. We’ve all had roommates/flat mates who know nothing about hygiene. However, you eventually go your own ways, but what if this messy roommate/flatmate is your family member? This mother showed exactly what’s to be done in such a situation by banning the entry of her messy family members into the kitchen.


Most parents would agree that keeping and maintaining the tidiness of their homes is the biggest task that they accomplish every day. But the kids do not take a second before turning the nice and clean place into a mud-house. Somehow, all of them or at least 90% of them love to create a mess. They practically enjoy being around all the filth. Sadly, the cleaning comes onto the shoulders of parents and more specifically on that the burden of cleaning hits the mothers the hardest.

The cooking place or the kitchen is the toughest place to clean. Getting rid of the leftover food, the cooking scraps, the after cooking mess, and the list goes on, is not an easy task to accomplish. And when one has to clean this very place several times in a day, it is bound to make them furious. Because cleaning a kitchen is like fighting a battle and the mess is that one weapon that could make you lose at the very last moment.

Having had enough of this mess being regularly scattered around her kitchen, and spending several hours almost every day, rage cleaning the room, this one mother finally had to restrict the entry of her family members into the kitchen to zero times per day. She post spending a good amount of time tidying every corner of their cooking space left a warning note for her family members.


The note stated that the mother was left fuming over the ruckus that her family had left behind them in the kitchen. Therefore, she advised them to not poke her by entering the place for at least a week. She also added that keeping away from the kitchen must not be a hard task for them because anyway, it is her, and not anyone else who has to cook in the house. This definitely sounds like she was frustrated to the core!

Well, seems like a fair punishment, what would you say about this?