A Wife Teaches The Husband A Lesson After He Tells Her That She Sleeps All-Day

It is a known fact that it requires an equal amount of effort, love, and understanding from both the partners for a peaceful and happy marriage. But sometimes, disrespect or misunderstanding from the partner can result in conflicts. This wife decided to teach her husband a lesson after he slammed her for not doing anything other than eating, sleeping, and getting fat.


The woman had been single-handedly taking care of the house and her two children. One day she had a migraine, so she decided to take some rest by lying down on the couch. When the husband came home and saw her resting, he slammed her for not doing anything but sleeping while he is working. The mother of two took to Reddit to ask the users if she has done anything wrong by going to work a few days to teach her husband a lesson.

She explained she has a 12-year-old son and one 13-month-old. Since the pandemic, she has become a stay at home mom, went to school and took care of the house and children as well. Now, with the school back in session and her son doing e-learning, she helped him with that too.

The woman has a tight schedule with her household chores, his kid’s schooling, and her own each day. A few days ago, she had a migraine which was not at all easing out even after taking medicines. So, she decided to lie down on the couch and take a nap.

When she was sleeping, her husband came home and started yelling at her for not doing anything the whole day except sleep, eat, and get fat. When she tried to explain to him that she had migraine he tossed it by saying that it is just an excuse.

He asked her how would she feel if she had to work all day while her husband was home with the children and she comes in and sees him sleeping on the couch. To which the wife replied that she would assume that he was tired and taking rest.

After this incident, the husband took a few days off work and remained home while the wife went to work leaving him with her schedule as a guide.

The very first day he called his wife 20 times because he couldn’t handle his son’s schoolwork, couldn’t take care of the baby, couldn’t even go to the bathroom without one of the children needing something. The second day too he called her 15 times. When she returned home, she found him lying on the couch on both days. The next day, he dropped both the kids at her work without informing her anything.

When she went home the third day, she found him sleeping on the couch. She didn’t wake him up and carried on with making dinner, bathing children, and other household chores. She tried to wake him up for dinner but he refused to wake up.

The husband did barely anything to take care of the house or children in the wife’s absence. He told his wife that she did everything to make him look like a bad parent. To which the wife responded that she did so because she wanted to teach him a lesson that just because he doesn’t see her actively working doesn’t mean that she hasn’t done anything the whole day.

In response to her story, one of the Reddit users said that she is not an awful person for doing so. Another user commented that she is surprised that the woman was tolerating such type of verbal abuse and recommended therapy and a divorce attorney. One of the users commented, “You didn’t do anything to make him look like a bad parent. He had chosen to be a bad parent and husband and you forced him to slightly understand that. The question is, what do you do now? Because spending the rest of your life with someone who treats you this way is no answer.”