A New Mother Suffered Delivery Woes When Mother-In-Law Sneaked In

An anonymous Reddit user was set to deliver her first child. She wanted to keep it a private affair by having just her husband in the delivery room. But her mother-in-law was not ready to miss it. She sneaked in the room and made the woman go hysterical. The nurse had to ask the husband and mother-in-law to leave.


Delivery moments don the crown of being the most excruciating moments for a mother. They represent interplay of stress and euphoria for the eagerly waiting family members. However, some of them break their limits while bubbling with felicity. One such incident happened when a mother-in-law sneaked into the delivery room while her daughter-in-law was in her labor moments.

The soon going-to-be mother was all set to deliver her first child. It was a journey full of ups and downs. But her husband stood by her to cushion her besets. He tried out everything to make his wife relieved while tussling with emotional swings. As the day of delivery approached, the couple decided to live the moment of childbirth privately without letting any other family member in the room.

However, her mother-in-law was not up with their decision. She complained and expressed her long desire to see her grandchild making way to the world. But the woman was not ready to bow down before her desire as it was devouring her privacy. That pushed the man on the battleground juggling with the stand of the two women. Ultimately, he asked his wife to relax the condition for her mother. But she did not want to go that way fearing it would add to her stress levels.

Finally, the most-awaited moment came. The woman made way to the delivery room with her husband. When the pain and stress were at their peak, the baby started to crown. To make it worse for her, her mother-in-law stepped in the room. The new mother tussling with pain shouted to her husband to take her out.

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But he stood there unabashed and started arguing to let her be there. The moments got intense as the arguments began to add to her stress levels. Sensing the vitiating situation, the nurse stepped in and asked the mother and son duo to leave the room. That lowered her stress. The baby girl lifted the spirits with her healthy wail.

But her birth was not all about joys. It caused a rift between the couple.

The new dad was upset as he could not see the birth of their first child. She tried to explain. But she could not bridge the divide.

She then turned to her mother-in-law and poured out her stand. To her delight, the mother-in-law grabbed the intensity of the situation. She apologized for her intrusion and assured that she would not carry it out in the future.

Taking the story up for the world, she shared it on Reddit. The users turned up to put up their opinions. One of them said, “He violated your bodily autonomy by insisting his mom be present at a time you were most vulnerable. You were extraordinarily clear about what you needed and he ignored you”.

Another of them said, “He betrayed her trust be allowing his mother in the room and not immediately making her leave”. Then, the woman shared the good news of untangling the issue with her mother-in-law.

Hopefully, the family would look up for better moments.