A Mother Left Keys In Ignition And Her Car Rolled Down Into A Stream Killing Her Boys

Negligence on part of human beings is the biggest killer on this earth. It has ruined millions of lives to date. This mongering monster stalks one and all alike. It waits eagerly for humans to miss out on a bit and then wreaks havoc on their world. The negligence of this mother robbed her of her two kids while one more was saved from the mouth of death.


This dreadful accident took place in March 2019. Putting her three kids in the car, Jenea Monique Payne sped away to shop. She pulled over her car at the grocery shop. The three kids were dozing off. She left them in the car as she went shopping for around ten minutes. She invited the unfortunate fate when she left her keys inside and locked the doors. By the time she returned back, the car had rolled down into the stream killing her two boys.

The 25-year-old devastated mom called 911 for help at around 5:45 p.m. Several Leland Fire Department members were present on the accident site. They noticed the floating white Nissan Pathfinder. They tried to save the trapped kids by taking on the plan to burst the window so as to get them out. But the car drifted down the stream and made elusive for the rescuers to get to it. With God’s grace, Raelynn Johnson (aged 2) was salvaged by them. But Steve Smith and Rasheed Johnson Jr. (aged 4 and 1 respectively) were stuck inside. The situation for the rescuers got worse as the car drifted further and they tried very hard to get to it. Finally, a rescue dive team arrived at the spot and jumped in to look for the car.


The vehicle was spotted at 8 p.m. it was then pulled up from the stream and boys were eventually recovered. But it was too late and Washington County Coroner declared them dead. The Leland Police Department arrested the accused mother. The charges of manslaughter-culpable negligence and child neglect have been slapped. According to the police, Steve was sitting in the front with the seat belt whereas the other two were sitting on the rear seats. It was possible that Steve turned on the ignition and set the car neutral which made it roll. Some spectators on the scene have claimed that the car was on and it rolled down; though the facts are yet to be verified. Now, they are trying to figure out the enigmatic part that how Steve managed to get to the keys.

The end of the probe does not matter now because the worst has already occurred. The kids are gone and nothing could just get them back. The negligence of the mother has devoured the entire family and the conditions cannot spring back to their normal way.