9 Nurses Of A Maternal Ward Become Pregnant Together

It is scientifically proven that women are deeply connected to each other, no matter the existence of a biological relationship or not, sisters by heart and soul are a real thing. As a matter of fact women who live together or spend a good amount of time together eventually have a coordinated menstrual cycle, yes it is true!


However, this wonderful connection stepped up the ladder with 9 nurses working in the same maternity ward at an American hospital becoming pregnant around the same time with all of their due dates scheduled within few weeks of each other.

Marine medical centre took to their Facebook page to announce the beautiful news by posting a picture of the group posing with their baby bumps and another one where all of them are seen holding cards with their due dates.

We hope the hospital had enough staff to cover for their shifts as all of them were timetabled to give birth between the months of April-July. Moreover, with all of them sharing such happiness around the same time, they have developed a unique bond and want to focus on helping each other through the gestation and by being there during the deliveries.

Erin Grenier (one of the nine nurses) said that it started with a flow, with one person announcing their good news followed by the other and another… and another. She went onto add that now that they’re one of the patients, it feels great to have such good people to care for them. In addition all of them ensure to send positive messages to each other to check if everything’s going good.

Amanda Spear another one from the batch commented that it is awesome to watch all of their bellies pop out with the passing day and what’s even more wonderful is the fact that they’re all in it together.

Lonnie Soncie, a third nurse said that some of them thought it was a prank but with the social media post they began receiving all this limelight realizing that none of them were joking about being pregnant.

On the other hand the hospital is enjoying the amount of good talks it is getting because of the synchronized good news knocking at their door and are all set to cover up for all these ladies going on maternity leaves soon. So all in all, everyone is elated.