81-Year-Old Played Accordion For Wife In Front Of Her Hospital Window

A viral video has been doing rounds on Facebook, where an 81-year-old Italian man can be seen playing accordion below a hospital window where his wife had been admitted. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, he wasn’t able to meet his spouse in the hospital, so he resorted to serenading his wife of 47 years from below her hospital window.


While COVID-19 has affected everybody on this planet, senior citizens undoubtedly have it a bit harder since, they are more prone to harmful effects and in turn, need to be more stringent with the rules. This has led many of the elders to feel isolated and lonely. So, when Stefano Bozzini couldn’t meet his wife, Carla Sacchi, after she was admitted to the hospital, he was very disheartened. Even though Sacchi’s hospital does not treat Covid-19 patients, they couldn’t allow any visitations due to safety reasons. However, Bozzini did not resort to sitting still and did what he could do to show his love for his beloved.

Bozzini sat on a stool below the hospital in Castel San Giovanni, a small town in northern Italy. Sitting near the hospital window of his spouse’s room, he began serenading his wife by playing the accordion with all the songs that his wife loves, including Engelbert Humperdink’s Spanish eyes. According to the local news agency, Carla and Stefano have been married since 1973, been together for 47 years. In the viral video, Stefano wore a red jumper and a feather hat, along with a mask, playing songs for his adored wife, while she and 2 others watched from above.


Known for self-learning the accordion, Stefano earned the nickname of Giani Morandi (an Italian entertainer) because he would always be seen playing with his instrument. He is a retired army member of the Italian army’s Alpini mountain infantry unit. He said, “I did it for Carla – to show her how much I love her and to thank her for all she has given me.” He added that his heart told him to go and when she looked out of the window to see him playing, he at least got to see her.

Speaking of the songs, Stefano added that how much she loved Spanish eyes and would always ask him to play it at home. He played a lot of songs that everybody knows and it can be seen in the footage that a lot of people were looking out of the windows to see him playing. It was a beautiful gesture.

The video was posted by Carla’s son who wrote: “My mother is admitted to the hospital in Castel San Giovanni and as you know, it’s not possible to enter even for a visit (even the closest relatives) but asking some nurses (very kind people) if it was possible to spend 5-10 minutes in an outer courtyard of the hospital to play 2-3 songs to my mum, who looked out the window to make her happy for 5 minutes.”

The post has since gathered more than a thousand likes, with many people loving the gesture.